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1. Use the chat feature on the bottom, left-hand corner (Fastest) 2. Email Us: Bark@partnersdogs.com (Second Fastest) 3. Call us at 480.595.6700 (Third Fastest)

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1. Use the chat feature on the bottom, left-hand corner. (Fastest)

2. Email Us: Bark@partnersdogs.com (Second Fastest)

3. Call us at 480.595.6700 (Third Fastest)

Making Reservations

This video covers making a reservation, adding additional services, paying a deposit, and more!

Written directions
  1. Click on “Make a Boarding/Daycare/Camp Reservation” on the main dashboard or under “Other Links”
  2. Select the “Type” of Reservation (i.e. Boarding, Daycare, Camp, etc.)
  3. Select the lodging type (Always Standard Kennel)
  4. Select the Pet(s) you want to make the reservation for.
  5. Select the “Start Date” and “Start Time”
  6. Select the “End Date” and “Time”
    1. *NOTE* If you select a time after 4:30pm, there will be a $20 late check-in/out fee
  7. Request “Any additional Services”
    1. For Additional Training Sessions, please only select on of the options. Make sure to select the time option as “Every Day Except First”
    2. Also note, Boarding requires an “Exit Bath” which is a $20 charge. This is not charged in any of our Camp programs.
    3. Flea & Tick is required from May-November. You can apply this yourself, or we can apply it for you for a $35 charge. This must be done each month.
  8. Click on the “Notes” Section to write any other pertinent info.
  9. Click on the “Estimate Tab” and click “Generate Estimate” to see the approximate amount you will pay.
    1. Make sure to hit the “Refresh” button if you make any changes to your estimate.
    2. You can hit “Create Deposit” if you want to pay the full estimated amount.
  10. You can hit the “Deposit” tab if you want to pay the minimum, $100, non-refundable deposit.
  11. Hit “Save” to continue and Pay. If there are any errors in your Owner/Pet Info, Unsigned Contracts, or you don’t have a card Saved on File, a popup will notify you.
  12. *NOTE* This is only a request of a Reservation and could be denied for any reason, of which we will notify you of.

Purchasing Packages, Memberships, and Retail.

This video covers the purchases above.

Written directions
  1. Click on the “Purchase Retail/Memberships/Retail” button.
  2. *NOTE* Group Classes utilize packages for enrollment, you can purchase that from this screen, or simply use the Group Class Enrollment screen and make a purchase then.
  3. For Packages, simply click on the “+” button and select how many of the packages you would like to purchase.
  4. For Memberships select the “Subscriptions” Tab at the top.
  5. Select the Membership option. *NOTE* These are billed monthly. The Per Day rate is strictly for comparison. Unused credits will NOT rollover to the next month.
  6. Select the “Frequency”, this will always be “Monthly”
  7. Select the Starting and Ending Date. Leave these blank if you want to start NOW and keep the package Indefinitely.
  8. *Note* Memberships require a 2-month MINIMUM and a 30-day CANCELLATION Notice.
  9. Click “Add Subscription” and Pay

Enrolling IN Group Classes

This video teaches you how to view group class dates, enroll in the class, and pay for it!

Written directions
  1. Select “Enroll in a Group Class”
  2. Select the Class Type and Starting Date/Time/Day of the Week that is preferable.
  3. *NOTE* These are the only available dates and times.
  4. Below the Dates and Times of each Class you will enter your pet’s name. 
  5. Then click “Request Enrollment”
  6. *NOTE* This is only a request and will have to be confirmed by the Office.
  7. You will be taken to a final confirmation screen. Click “Request Enrollment” again.
  8. Then you will be directed to a page to Pay.
  9. While the system will let you request, your enrollment will be denied if you do not pay in advance!
  10. *NOTE* We do not do refunds, though we will keep your payment as a credit on file. Please confirm your dog is able to join a class at a particular level. If you are unsure, contact us!