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OUr Programs

Partners Dog Training is the best in the valley in every aspect of your dog. Whether you’re looking to correct unwanted behavior, board your dog, enroll in group classes, socialize in Doggy Daycare, or Snake Avoidance, we promise unparalled experience and quality.


Which Problems Best Relate To Your Dog?

My dog...


  • Needs training…
  • Doesn’t come when called…
  • Pulls on the leash
  • Jumps up on people
  • Plays too rough
  • Needs to learn manners

My dog...


  • Barks or Lunges at people or dogs
  • Chews up my things
  • Needs housebreaking
  • Pulls on the leash
  • Resource Guards
  • Gets anxious or insecure

My dog...


  • Has bitten people
  • Has bitten dogs
  • Acts aggressively
  • Is severely anxious
  • Fence Fights
  • Bites Defensively


  • Optional Daycare and Training during the day
  • Climate Control Living Quarters
  • Living Quarters are sanitized daily
  • 12 in thick concrete walls for absolute quiet
  • 24/7 Security and Monitoring

“We have boarded at Partners for over 2 years. The staff is wonderful with our dog, he loves them all!” – Ed G. from Yelp.

Doggy Daycare

  • 6,500 sq. ft. of cool indoor and outdoor play areas
  • 10:1 Dog to Trainer Ratio
  • Highly Experience Trainers
  • All dogs screened to ensure proper play
  • Dogs who are too rough are trained to play better
  • Additional training options
  • Starting at $30/day

“Sophie has been going to Daycare at Partners for a couple of years. They are loving, caring and professional. Daycare is not a wild “free for all” as found in most Daycare facilities.” -Ginny S.

Partners Snake Avoidance

  • Teach your dog to avoid Rattlesnakes
  • 16,000+ Dogs Trained since 2002
  • Thousands saved every year

“I have taken three dogs to Partners Snake Avoidance. I spend a lot of time in the desert with my dogs and can attest to the training being effective. All three of the dogs I put through their program had times they encountered snakes and none of the dogs wanted anything to do with them.”- Jon H.

Private Lessons

  • Highest rated trainers in the valley
  • Work through any problem
  • Over 100 years of combined experience

“If you’re looking for trust in training, Partners is for you and your fur-baby. They are passionate about your dog’s well-being, training your pup and training the owners. The key component to success is that the owner continues to train with their pup every day.”– Sandy G.

Group Classes

  • Dozens of classes each week
  • Accommodates every interest, skill, and schedule
  • Everything from puppy training, advanced obedience, and agility classes
  • Reasonable pricing for unparalleled experience

“Gus is a graduate of the Puppy and Me program which was a great start to his training. Introducing him to other dogs and people has been very good for him!” -Jo L.

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