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Welcome to Partners Dog Training School, where good dogs become great! Established in 1997, we have given over 40,000 dogs a more delightful relationship with their Pet Parents. We would love for you to be next. So, let’s head inside and take a look into your pup’s home away from home.

Camp Programs

Partners is known for its unparalleled experience in animal behavior. 

Having successfully trained over 40,000 dogs in our one-of-a-kind programs, we’ve truly seen it all. We’ve worked with all sizes, breeds, personalities, and behavioral issues under the sun, and know exactly what it takes to achieve success. 

Whether you want your dog to simply listen better, stop reactive tendencies, or maybe learn a few tricks, we can help. 

Partners most popular curriculums are our Board and Train Camp programs. 

This is where your dog stays overnight with us for 2-3 weeks at a time. They receive daily training to improve manners or correct behavioral issues. Then you receive training to learn how to maintain the positive behaviors we’ve instilled at the school for when your dog heads home. 

Boarding Tour

If you’re a diligent Pet Parent, wanting the best for your dog, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our entire facility is climate controlled and monitored with multiple sensors and a state of the art security system. 

The walls are 12-inch thick concrete with perimeter fencing of up to 7 feet high. This makes Partners Dog Training the safest and quietest spot in the valley for your dog.

If your dog is boarding with us, they also have the opportunity to go into daycare, receive training, and even pop into the pool for a swim!

They even have the option to stay in our state of the art  luxury suites. 

After a long day of training and playtime, your dog can cozy up in one of our Kuranda cots in either our standard kennels or luxury suites.

You can learn more and sign up for Boarding by visiting and looking under the “Our Programs” section. 

Snake Avoidance

Partners Snake Avoidance has been around since 2002 and has successfully trained over 18,000 thousand dogs to avoid the scent and sound of a Rattlesnake. 

When you first arrive, our highly trained staff will put our own long line and E-Collar on your dog. After a few minutes to let your dog desensitize to the new equipment we will take them back to our desert habitat for training. 

The first cage we use is buried underground in order for your dog to put their nose into and get a very strong recognition of scent. Once we see they have picked up on the scent we give a minimal stim with the e-collar to train a negative association to the scent of the live diamondback rattlesnake inside. We then run them out to train a flight response. 

Next, we add sound to the mix. By walking up to the next cage, the snake will make that famous rattle. When your dog shows curiosity towards it, we give another stim to train a negative association to that sound. 

Refreshers are usually done 1-2 times a year and are vital to make sure your dog doesn’t become complacent around snakes. You will also get a report in your email in case you forget something and a reminder when it is time for your dog’s refresher!

Our training takes around 10-15 minutes and is highly effective. In fact about 95% of dogs pass on their first session, for the few that don’t initially pass we will bring them back in a few weeks for a redo at no further cost to you. That’s how confident we are in this training. A snake bite can cost thousands of dollars and could still result in death so we urge you to keep your dog safe in the desert and receive training.

daycare Tour

Partners Doggy Daycare is on the corner of attention and play! After a day of socialization, training, and more fun than they can handle you’ll bring them home only to pass out on their bed. 

Our Doggy Daycare is 13,500 sq. ft. of cool indoor and outdoor play areas.
We also feature 7ft. high perimeter fencing and misting systems to keep the dogs safe and cool throughout the day. 

We separate dogs by size and temperament to make sure every dog gets along with each other. And, we maintain a 10 to 1 dog to trainer ratio to ensure every pup gets the attention they deserve. Additionally, we screen every pup that comes into Daycare to make sure they are playing appropriately. If dogs are too rambunctious we have training options to get them on the right track into daycare. 

Throughout the day, we play confidence building and energy draining games in order to keep your pup well trained and sharp between the ears. We even track their activity levels and give you a full report on how far they traveled and how many calories they burned!

At the end of the day, we’ll send you a report card of what your pup did in Daycare so you can see what they learned and who they played with. If you want your pup to ride to Daycare in style you can book round trip transport on our famous Dog School Bus.

Group Classes

Partners Group Classes are the best in the valley. 

We cover everything from puppy training to advanced obedience and even agility! 

We run over a dozen classes each week. So, we have something for every interest, every skill level, and all schedules! 

With a football-sized grass training field and some indoor classes during the summer months there’s plenty of room to progress you and your dog’s education.

As we say, all training is good training, and the more you do with your dog the more delightful your relationship will be.

Dog School bus

The world-famous, first of its kind, Partners Dog School Bus is an emblem of grandeur, merriment, and comfort. The Dog School Bus has always been a symbol of Partners Dog Training, and now we are taking that icon on the road to pick up your pups from your home! This allows you to save time while giving your pup the highest quality experience in our daycare, boarding, or training programs.

We built every part of the Dog School Bus with your dog in mind. From the moment your dog glides up our custom doggy ramp they’ll be greeted with our ice cold, dual AC systems that were built custom for us and rated for a bus twice it’s size. Then they enter our custom dog pods specifically sized for comfort, stability, and sanitation. 

They also feature outward and inward facing viewing ports for dogs to look out of. During the ride, soothing music will be played to keep your dog calm while on the way to and from the school. You can even track your dog in real time with live GPS and ETA updates that we send securely via text message.

Guest testimonials

“Educated energetic trainers who love your babies like their own! AND, your dogs will fall in love with them too, which is maybe the best recommendation you can get. Structured, repetitive training…”- Kathy P.

“I highly recommend Partners for snake avoidance training for your fur babies – it can save their life! Just took my 8 month old Goldendoodle yesterday as the weather warms up and the need is NOW.” – Lauren S.

“Brought two of my dogs there at same time for boarding and basic training …One was a puppy and the other almost 3 years old. Came back to well behaved boys! Listening to commands much better now.” – Krista H.


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