Keep your dog active through summer!

Why should you bring your dog to swim?


Of course, the number one benefit for swim training is the direct effect it has on your dog’s health. It tones up their body, drops weight, and encourages longevity.

creates a calm pup

Is your pup driving you bonkers with all of the energy? Then bring ’em in! Swimming drains energy like none other, especially when it’s done in a high energy environment. That means you get to take home a calm, and tuckered-out dog!

Pain relieving

For dogs that have joint or muscle pain, swimming is a great solution to obtain exercise without impacting their body. It also helps with arthritis, dysplasia, and other injuries or chronic illnesses.

Keeps them cool

We all know how dreadful this heat can be on us, just imagine what it does to our pups. Especially since they can’t play outside as long! In the pool, dogs stay hydrated while getting the exercise they need.

Builds confidence

Swimming doesn’t just help physique. It’s actually extremely effective in working through insecurities and increase mental stability. It stimulates their minds which eases pent-up energy and allows them to get a good night’s sleep.

Keeps them safe

We’ve heard it time and time again. “My dog knows how to swim!” Only to find out their pups sinks like a rock the minute their body hits the water. Surprisingly enough, there is a large percentage of dogs that CANNOT swim. However, we are pros at teaching them and making it a positive experience.

is your pup ready to splish splash?!

There are two ways to swim!

Answers to Your Questions

My dog is afraid of the water!

No worries! That’s what we are here for. We will work on building your dog’s confidence both inside and outside of the water and ensure a positive experience for all. We have a 90%+ success rating in terms of getting pups into the pool!

My dog doesn't know how to swim!

No worries! That’s what we are here for. We have special life-vests to ensure safety and we will work on building your dog’s confidence both inside and outside of the water. We have a 90%+ success rating in terms of getting pups into the pool! 

Can i rent out the pool?

Unfortunately, we are not opening our pool up for rentals. This is due to thousands of dollars in damage that has taken place in the past when we had this option. 🙁

Can I watch my dog swim?

If your dog is scheduled for a swim lesson in Daycare you’re more than welcome to watch from outside of the gated area due to liability reasons. However, if you don’t want to wait we will also be sending pictures or videos of your dog in the water!

My dog is aggressive!

Currently, we aren’t allowing dogs with behavioral issues into the pool due to the high energy and potentially stressful environment it may create for certain times. This would be something best discussed with your trainer and on a per-case basis.

Are there swim classes or lessons?

Unfortunately, we are not offering swim classes, private swim lessons, or public swim options at this time. We may consider it in the future, but as of today the only availability is through Daycare or Boarding.

How much does it cost?

For Daycare and swimming we have single day or membership options! These vary from $50-65/day. Please contact us or use the chat for more information! For boarding and swimming the rate starts at $79/night which includes boarding!

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