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The best part about Agility is the fact that you can be having a blast, while training! It reinforces your basic obedience and strengthens the bond between you and your pup more than anything.


Fast-Paced and Exciting

If you and your dog are exhausted by the end of an agility class, you’re doing it right! However, you can go at whatever pace suits you and your dog best, and we welcome all levels of experience.

World-Class Teachers

Our Agility instructors compete (and win) every week so there is a ton of opportunity to learn from the best, and maybe one day compete with your own dog out on the field.

Train Harder At Partners Dog Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do they have to be?

You can start Agility at any age! However, we require dogs to be a minimum 17 weeks old before they can come to Partners.

What level obedience is required?
Does my dog need to know off-leash obedience.
Do I need to be involved and run around?
What obstacles will my dog learn?

Let’s have some fun!

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