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What’s Included in Our Overnight Dog Boarding Services?

  • 3 Night Minimum Stay At Our State-Of-The-Art Training Facility
  • Multiple Rotations For Potty and Exercise Each Day
  • Feeding and Medication Per Your Instructions
  • Glass and Stainless Steel Enclosures With Kuranda Cots
  • Optional Training, Daycare, and Treadmill Services

Health and safety

At Partners, the health and safety of your dog are our highest priority. We verify the vaccinations of each dog that comes to the school, have the strictest cleaning procedures of any facility in the valley and include Pet CPR and Health training for all of our team members.

Cleanliness and care

Our Boarding Enclosures are deep cleaned each day with a pressure washer and using premium grade chemicals rated up to pandemic level bacteria and viruses. The entire facility is also cleaned each day as well as the equipment we use for training and play times!

All Shapes And Sizes
All Problems

Every dog is different. At Partners we factor in personality, breed, age, and many other variables to come up with the best path to reach success. The key is cooperation and transparency with us, as well as listening to our guidance moving forward. We work with all sizes, breeds, and personalities.

careful monitoring and oversight

We maintain low staff to dog ratios across all departments to ensure that each dog receives the attention they deserve. We track feeding, medication, and any medical concerns each day and report back to you if we notice anything of concern. We also utilize a state-of-the-art security system and other monitoring services to track data such as noise, humidity, temperature, and more! 

Not sure what program is best?
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About Our Scottsdale Dog Boarding

Finally, you can sleep peacefully on your vacation knowing that your dog is boarding in the one place they wont be BORED! Take a tour, and learn a bit more about your dog’s favorite home away from home!

Step 1

Prep + Check-in

  • Before check-in we will verify Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations for your dog(s).
  • Additionally, you fill out any additional information for your dog on our Pet Parent Portal.
  • When you arrive, we will take your dog back to start their stay.
  • We will confirm your Check Out date and time, any additional services, and their feeding/medication schedule.
  • If you are going to be out of town during your dog’s stay, we request an emergency contact that is available locally.

Step 2

During their stay

  • We understand it is always tough to leave your dog for any period of time.
  • We want to make their stay and your time away as easy as possible!
  • During the day, your dog will receive plenty of attention and care. As if they were our own!
  • We send periodic report cards to keep you updated on their stay.
  • Of course, if we notice anything out of the ordinary, we will give you a call!
  • If you request any additional services such as DaySchool, Treadmill, or Training we will provide updates on how that is going.

Step 3


  • When it’s time for pickup, we will give your dog(s) a mandatory exit bath and brush to ensure they are nice and clean for you when you arrive.
  • We will give you any updates from their stay and take the final payment for the balance due.
  • We will hand back any luggage (food and/or medication) that you brought in with your pup and you’ll be all set to head home!
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Add “all day play!”

  • Let your pup socialize and play all day long
  • Structured and managed environment
  • Training and enrichment daily
  • Large indoor and outdoor play spaces
  • Limited to dog/people friendly dogs, subject to trainer approval

“Sophie has been going to Daycare at Partners for a couple of years. She LOVES the new All Day Play!!!”
– Ginny S.

Add treadmill training!

  • Decreases anxiety
  • Builds confidence
  • Drains energy
  • Improves health and strength
  • 15-25 minutes sessions
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What can be addressed in Camp?

These commands and manners are addressed in Training Camp!

Heel Sit Down Free
Stay Come Place Watch

In addition to the commands covered in Training Camp, these behaviors are best addressed in Behavior Camp:

Mouthing Digging Lunging
Reactivity Anxiety Insecurity
Marking Destructive Prey Drive
Barking Bolting Possessive

In addition to any of the commands or behaviors that are addressed in our other two camps, these behaviors are best addressed in our Transformation Camp program.

Severe Reactivity Multiple Bites Child Reactivity
Are there any breed/age restrictions?

There is a minimum age restriction of about six months which allows time to get all of their vaccinations done. However, there is no maximum age restriction because, despite the saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Why should I choose you?

With over 25 years of experience, we have an extensive track record of success. Our trainers receive the best education in the industry. Your questions are answered with kindness and compassion. We consistently push ourselves to exceed your expectations!

Is the cost worth it?

In the same way one would send their child to school, where professional educators are entrusted with their care, dog owners enroll their pups in school, where professional trainers achieve the best results. Is it an investment? Of course! As long as you are a part of the process and maintain the training at home.

When can I get started?

Once you have selected your program, our team is happy to schedule your check-in with your instructor. We then collect a non-refundable deposit, verify vaccinations, and invite you to complete your Pet Parent Portal information.

Where does my dog sleep?

We have raised Kuranda cots in either our luxury suites or standard chain-link enclosures. We have the options of 6x4ft enclosures for large dogs and 4x4ft for smaller dogs. Dogs always have access to clean water and are rotated frequently throughout the day.

Is there someone there overnight?

Our Scottsdale location does have staff overnight in case of emergency. We don't have staff overnight at our Cave Creek facility, but one of the owners does live on the same property.

What should I bring to Check-In?

Some parents will bring in special diet food or medications for their dogs. Any bedding, toys, etc. can be left at home during boarding and training unless otherwise specified.

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