Structured, Positive, high-energy daycare and training From $27/day

Why partners doggy daycare?

Is your dog getting the exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation they need? Bring your dog to Partners Doggy Daycare for a fun-filled, active day and bring home a happy and pooped-out pooch! Partners Doggy Daycare is a safe, entertaining, and nurturing experience. We combine both dog and human interaction with special games to create a powerful, educational experience for all. Our large indoor and outdoor play areas allow for a spacious place to run off that energy while providing a place to relax and stay cool!


The health of your dog is our highest priority. That is why we require and verify the vaccinations of every dog that comes in for boarding. If a dog becomes ill, they are seen by a vet and isolated to reduce contamination.



We clean and sanitize the entire facility EVERY DAY. We use a commercial orbital scrubbing cleaner that uses nanoparticles to disinfect bacteria while remaining safe for dogs staying with us.



We take great care to ensure that every dog that comes into daycare is able to interact and play appropriately with the other guests. Dogs will be dogs though, and those displaying inappropriate behavior will be referred for training and behavior modification (at additional cost) to better prepare them for Doggy Daycare!



The best part about Partners Doggy Daycare is our dog training programs. Addressing problem behavior, improving obedience, or even learning a few tricks. Whatever you want to work on, we can help!



Unlike other Doggy Daycare facilities who hire inexperienced staff to cut costs, we take pride in our highly-experienced trainers. With a 10:1 Dog to Trainer ratio our staff is trained to recognize and address complex dog behaviors, as well as deal with any emergencies calmly and effectively.



Guests of our Partners Doggy Daycare will experience an incredible amount of activity throughout the day. Expect your pup to return home calm, quiet, ready to fall asleep, and even having learned a thing or two!

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sq. ft. of Air COnditioned indoor and outdoor play space

Dogs Per Trainer to ensure constant attention

Hours Of High Activity Play/Training Per Day

clients love us

From my experience it has been positive. Great staff, friendly and knowledgeable. The business has a lot of clients with a wide variety of dog breeds that gave me confidence that they have a working background to handle specific needs of certain dogs. I will continue using Partners Doggy Day Care for the foreseeable future.”-D. Slog


Dog School Bus Transport

  • Round Trip Transport Within 15 Min. Of Partners
  • Dual AC Systems
  • Custom Luxury Dog Pods
  • Soothing Music
  • Doggy Bus Ramp For Easy Access
  • Live ETA and Text Updates

“Brilliant for both dogs and people alike!” Dave R.

Answers to Your Questions

What times are you open?

Partners Doggy Daycare runs:

M-F: 7am-6pm, Sat: 8am-4pm, Sundays: Closed. We also offer overnight boarding as well.

How much exercise will my dog receive?

Dogs have large indoor and outdoor space to run and play in. We run from 7am-6pm so that’s over 10 hours of play! (Note outside areas can be a little dirty)

How many staff members?

We maintain a 10:1 Dog to Trainer Ratio. Staff are highly trained to deal with any dog behaviors. We take pride in the experience of our trainers to handle problematic situations.

How big is Partners Doggy Daycare?

Dogs have 10,000+ sq. ft. of cooled indoor, and outdoor space to run and play in. 

breed/age restrictions?

There is a minimum age requirement of 20 weeks which allows time to develop immune systems. There is no maximum age and we accommodate all dogs, sizes, breeds and temperaments!

Do you use crateS?

We do not crate our Daycare dogs. If dogs need to be separated for any reason, we have 16×16 suites dedicated to that. If dogs need to be fed, they are removed from the general daycare areas to prevent any resource guarding issues.

My dog has behavioral issues

We screen all dogs that come into Partners Doggy Daycare. If we feel that your dog might not be a great fit, we can offer other training solutions to potentially get them to the point of joining Partners Doggy Daycare.

What add-ons are there?

You can add Training to address problem behaviors, tune up some obedience, or teach a trick or two! 

How much is it?

Partners Doggy Daycare has memberships from $27/day making it one of the most affordable doggy daycare programs in the Phoenix Valley while offering unparalleled experience and attention from our staff.

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