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We are the largest and highest rated dog training facility in the Southwest. We have a number of programs to suit all of your interests and goals. Whether you want to stop problem behaviors, improve your dog’s manners, take a few classes, socialize your dog in daycare, or just get a bit of exercise in agility; we have something for you. If you don’t know where to start, we highly recommend you schedule a call. That way we can find the best program for you! Until then, click on the video and take a tour. We think you’re going to love the place!


We Have A Solution

No matter the dog problem, we can help. With over 100 years of combined dog training experience, and 40,000 dogs trained, we have seen it all. Want a well-mannered dog? Need to correct dog problem behaviors? Stop Dog Aggression? Train a new puppy? Whatever your needs, let Partners Dog Training School join you on the journey to a delightful relationship with your dog. 

Our Training Philosophy

We are what’s known as balanced trainers. Meaning we lean heavily to reward based training, but we also believe in telling a dog “No!” Our staff attend conferences and constantly refine their ongoing education as they strive to improve techniques and training methods. We strive to take our extensive knowledge base and pass that experience onto you and your dog.

Keys To Success

Don’t know what to do next? We do. Whatever your problem, we know what it takes to solve it. It works in three parts. First, we assess your goals and design a path to reach them. Second, we correct the unwanted behaviors and instill positive ones. Lastly, we teach you to maintain those positive behaviors long into the future.


Set the Bar Higher

First and foremost, WE LOVE DOGS! We want to see your dog succeed just as much as you do. Our team is here to help YOU achieve the goals you’ve set for your dog. We will do whatever it takes to meet those expectations. When you work with us, you won’t find someone looking to take your money and run. Your success is our success, so let’s succeed, as Partners.

We are here for you

At Partners Dog Training, we are with you every step of the way. Too many trainers “fix” your dog and take off. At Partners, we are devoted to communicating, educating and following up. With one-on-one check-in interviews, private lessons and Pet Parenting Classes. our training system is designed to help you and your dog find success!

Our School is Your Home

At Partners, we are more than a team, we’re family. When you take that first step on your journey to a delightful relationship with your dog, we walk that path with you…as partners.

Don’t know where to start?

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Partners Loyalty Program

  • We know you want the best for your dog (us). That goes way beyond a little bit of training. We want to be you and your dog’s Partner for LIFE! So, we want to reward your trust in us with loyalty points that save you money, while providing the best experience for your pup.
  • Earn points with every dollar you spend, every person you refer, or through specials. 
  • Spend those points on any service and save money 

Report Cards

  • What better way to track the progress of your pup than with daily report cards sent right to your email.
  • See what was worked on, what went well, and what needs improvement.
  • Gain insights into the effectiveness of a training session.
  • Learn what every behavior means and how it contributes to your dog’s education.
  • Sometimes, you’ll even receive special pictures or videos!
  • *NOTE* While we try to do report cards every day, sometimes we don’t have time and training comes first. The lack of a report card doesn’t mean training wasn’t conducted.

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