Partners Dog Training Reviews

Partners Dog Training Reviews

They are very good efficient and friendly fare yet always treat my dog and myself with respect. Would recommend them highly.

David L.

I was very happy with the private dog training provided by Melissa.  She was knowledgeable, conscientious, and personable. I will definitely have her back in my home for further assistance with my dog.
Yvette L.

My dog Maddie loved Partners! She spent 2 weeks working with Emily and learned more than we ever could have taught her on our own. The building is clean, dogs are treated well, and our sessions were convenient with our schedules. We love Partners!
Marchelle J.

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All four of our dogs have experienced Partners’ excellent training and assistance over the years.  Obedience training, swimming lessons, snake avoidance; all done very well by Partners’ staff.  Friendly, helpful, patient people who obviously love animals and delight in seeing your pets “perform” well.  Partners will continue to be our “partner” in caring for our pets!

Joan D.

We brought our 1-year-old dog here shortly after moving from WI to AZ. The trainers were friendly and informative throughout the training process (which took only 15 mins!) and I left with peace of mind for when it comes to hiking with our dog. Will definitely be back!

Annaleigh P.

If you’re looking for trust in training, Partners is for you and your fur-baby. They are passionate about your dog’s well-being, training your pup and training the owners. The key component to success is that the owner continues to train with their pup every day. It’s been an awesome experience for my Louise and me!

Sandy G.

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Just had my 2 Labs snake trained at Partners. Excellent service! Pleasant people with smiling faces!  Everything went perfectly. These folks know what they are doing for sure.  Real life exposure to rattlesnakes… the sounds and the smells… and the dogs learn to avoid them. I feel much better taking the boys on a hike or even letting them out in the back yard now they’ve had this training.  I can’t recommend Partners enough. Very, very nice job snake training my dogs. Excellent!

Chris N.

Excellent customer service. My Hank came back a new boy.  Trainers and owners truly care for every dog and every owner. Extremely knowledgeable and everyone plays a role. I would recommend to family and friends every time. I even had a one on one training session with the owner and I learned more with him in 10 minutes than I have ever with previous dogs and previous places. Five stars.

Emilie S.

Gus is our Golden Retriever puppy who just loves going to class with Kalie each week. She does a great job training him and me. Gus is also a graduate of Puppy and Me class which was a great start to his training. Even though he has lots of 4-legged family members at home, introducing him to other dogs and their people has been very good for him. The staff at Partners Dog Training School are all so nice to work with. They clearly love what they do.

Jo L.

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I am the Director for Lulubelle Animal Rescue. We sometimes encounter dogs with aggression issues. We have used Partners to help us get these dogs under control and get them to the point where they are manageable and adoptable! One of the biggest examples was our Lance. He was on the euthanasia list at country. We pulled him and realized he needed training! After doing camp at Partners and getting the training he needed he finally found the perfect home! We couldn’t have done it without Kelli and the crew at Partners!

Taren S.

Partners came through when we really needed it the most. We have a puppy who was doing well and we planned on training. My 95-year old aunt came to live with us sooner than I could get the training done in classes and on my own. Our Newfoundland pup spent two weeks at the training camp and what they did with her was nothing short of a miracle. Hanah our trainer was amazing with the pup and with us. The office staff from the first call considerate and helpful. We will continue with our classes there and could not be a more happy customer. Partners you really saved us!

Kimberly B.

Bella. My 1 and a half yr old GSD just completed a 3-week board and train and I am so happy with her results.  Melissa was her trainer. She is wonderful to work with.  She took her time with me and made sure I understood everything. The entire staff there is extremely helpful and kind.  The best part is that they all really do love Bella. I can see how much they care for her.  We just had our first group class last night which we both loved! We are learning every day and I’m very grateful I chose Partners.
Michelle H.

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Partners Dog Training School has provided an invaluable one on one training for both my dog and I.  Great staff who genuinely love our pets. They recently completed snake avoidance training for my dog so hikes will be a little safer for both of us.  Thanks.

Jim D.

The most AMAZING place to train and leave your dogs when you are away. I can’t put into words how incredibly partners is and treat your dogs like their own. Partners go above and beyond for our fur babies. Kalie is our fantastic trainer and has changed our dog’s lives.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sydney B.

Partners is the best when comes to fair training. They teach how to reward and correct the behaviours you do and don’t want. My dogs have come along way since implementing this technique of training. I will never go anywhere else. Staff is great and the place always smells so clean. Love it,

Sarah R.

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I give Partners and Emily a strong 5 stars & 2 thumbs up. We have excellent weekly private training sessions with Emily for our 10-month old Havanese, Piper. We originally signed up for 5 weeks and have now added another 5-week session. Piper also loves the daycare!

Marvin C.

Partners helped us tremendously with my Chow rescue Jax. He was so fearful and could be aggressive when put in a situation that scared him. Partners gave him confidence through behaviour and obedience training that helped him build trust that we were in control and were not going to harm him.

Dawn B.

Best place and a second home for your pooch. Trainers are friendly and you get easily comfortable with. They also send you pics of your pooch if you board them. Best part is their boarding includes regular training once a day!

Revathi R.

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We have an 11 month old golden retriever with a real love for life. We love him just as much, but his high energy level gets him into trouble…destructive behavior and poor listening habits. Thank you Anita and Partners! Lucky felt safe and happy at Partners…so important. We would highly recommend you send your beloved dogs there for a positive and rewarding experience for all!

Courtney R.

I’ve been working with Amy Measles on a regular basis with my dogs on dock diving training at Partners, and she is fantastic. She has a way with dogs that allows them to put their trust in her almost immediately, which helps the training process and makes it much easier to communicate with the dogs when you step in to work with them one on one. I would recommend Partners to anyone wanting to work with their dog and do continued training, and make sure and ask for Amy.

Mark D.

Partners Dog Training School is the best Dog school in the valley! We were recommended Partners by our veterinarian and our experience greatly surpassed our expectations. The moment we picked up Daya, we could tell that she had a great time and had learned a ton! Our trainer, Emily, gave us a demonstration and provided a detailed explanation of how we should continue her training.

Ronald V.

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I’ve been affiliated with Partner’s Dog Training school in one way or another for over 15 years. I have brought my dogs there and trained with them and have also done work with them helping save the lives of Golden Retrievers through rescue there. They are amazing. Without their help, dedication and sheer determination many lives would be lost. On a personal level, I love the facility and the trainers. They are all very talented and they CARE!
Last year they ventured into Dock Diving which has now become our favourite sport. We come up weekly to train and my dogs our always tired afterwards, which is a really good thing! I would recommend Partners because of their caring and talented staff as well as their variety in classes available and the facility.
You guys are awesome!!!

Kimberly P.

Ubu is now over a year out of training and …. it just gets better!

I can walk him off-leash (rarely practice and only in limited circumstance) and expect him to come when called. We are still working on extended stays, but I can put him in a “down” and have him stay there …. at the dog park with other animals around. 

No signs of aggression towards other dogs, and he has some friends he loves to play with. He tolerates all dogs big or small.

Can’t say enough about Partners. The staff and training are first-rate!

Bob W.

If you have a dog you need to get to Partners. I have had the absolute best experience there. Riley spent a few weeks in Partners’ behaviour camp, we were able to visit and they showed us how she was progressing. She was a completely different dog! Once she was ready to come home the team at Partners taught us how to handle her and we got to go to follow up classes to keep everyone sharp on our new handling techniques. Since then we have recommended Partners to all of our friends and have taken all of our dogs to Partners. I can’t say it enough; I highly recommend this facility for you and your dog. They have all level classes, snake proofing, agility, and just built a new dock diving pool (my Goldendoodle LOVES swimming there), literally, there is something for every dog.

Kelli M.

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I brought my dog, Zeus, here when he was just barely 7 months old. He’s a larger breed, which means if he wasn’t trained, he was going to train me. I was a little sceptical at first because Zeus is like my kid – so I was hesitant to leave him somewhere for so long. However, every week I went to see him I saw vast improvements in his behaviour. I’m so absolutely grateful for the work they did with him. He’s now almost two and is still doing phenomenal. If it wasn’t for Partners in Dog Training, I wouldn’t know the techniques for training him. 

They take the time to explain what they’re doing and teach you how to do it. The way they care for the dogs and the patience they have makes this the best training school anyone could hope for. The classes they provide, and being able to reach out to them makes it a team effort. I love this place.

Kylee F.

We are extremely grateful that we found trainer Jen Shelton, and Partners. It is evident that she genuinely cares about dogs (AND their people) and strives to give them all a better life. We were having a horrible time introducing a new puppy into our home, but Jen’s patient guidance provided us with the structure we needed for a smoother transition. Our Fletcher not only tolerates puppy Forrest after his time there but even seems to enjoy the company and invites play! Thank you, Jen! And thank you to the entire staff. Every person we’ve encountered there has been kind and helpful!

It was a very difficult (and much debated) decision to put our 77-year-old dog in the 3-week long ‘ behaviour camp’, but after meeting Jen and a number of other staff members, we felt much more comfortable doing so. They do allow pet parents to observe evaluations and a few training sessions via a two-way mirror, and this eased our own separation anxiety a bit! Also, the way Jen and all the ladies there would swoon over our adorable (obnoxious) little Fletcher warmed our hearts. He may be middle-aged, but he has still ‘got it’! 😉

Bob W.

We have three Australian Shepherds, Snoopy, Peanut (two of which are brothers which are almost two years old, and the third is the mom (Dee Dee, who’s 6 years old). We decided to sign both of the puppies up for extensive training while we were gone on vacation for two weeks. As it turns out, one puppy ended up staying for three weeks and the other was there for four weeks. These are our kids, so we felt like we had to make an investment in getting them better trained. All of the staff there are great! From Megan who helps you get checked in and keeps in communication with you while they are being boarded and trained, to Melissa our trainer, Kalie and Kelly. They have been so understanding and patient with us as we realize that 1/2 of the job is training us the proper ways to teach our dogs obedience and show them that we’re in control and not the dogs. Peanut and Snoopy love working with Melissa and have learned so much from her. We still have a long road ahead of us, but Partners Dog Training School established a great foundation with the puppies and with our follow up classes will help us learn how to better manage our dogs. I would highly recommend Partners Dog Training School and looking forward to continuing to work with them as they help us train our kids.

Warren G.

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Great trainers who explained everything step by step. Hopefully, I will never need to actually use this training but it’s good to have just in case!!!

Alana B.

Excellent customer service. My Hank came back a new boy.  Trainers and owners truly care for every dog and every owner. Extremely knowledgeable and everyone plays a role. I would recommend to family and friends every time. I even had a one on one training session with the owner and I learned more with him in 10 minutes than I have ever with previous dogs and previous places. Five stars.

Emilie S.

Riley spent a few weeks in Partners’ behaviour camp, we were able to visit and they showed us how she was progressing. She was a completely different dog! Once she was ready to come home the team at Partners taught us how to handle her and we got to go to follow up classes to keep everyone sharp on our new handling techniques. Since then we have recommended Partners to all of our friends and have taken all of our dogs to Partners. I can’t say it enough;

Trisha D.

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Great training and a wonderful staff.  Took very good care of both dogs and explained the results of the testing immediately.

Pinnacle M.

Jen Shelton at Partners is a wonderful trainer. She has worked with my dog Mia and has done wonders. Mia loves her

Letitita E.

I board and train all my dogs here. The staff is courteous and professional, and they always make us feel like part of the family. Thank you!

Bob M.

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Excellent place to bring your dog for training.  I highly recommend Partners!!

Ashley R.

Thank you Partners for training all three of our furry friends and keeping them safe! We highly recommend your services.  This training is a must for those living in our environment.

Lisa B.

Partners is very professional and showed that they genuinely care for the dogs. I was worried about the experience and they set me at ease. I also like that the snakes are treated humanely and are not defanged.

Brooke C.

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Having previously used Partners for my dogs, they were the only place I thought of when I got two puppies. They were so patient with my stubborn one; there was no way I would have been able to get her to the stage she is at so quickly. They did the training camp and now it is a pleasure to take them for a walk. They don’t pull and when we come to people they sit instead of jump. one thing they stress is just because they are out of camp, doesn’t mean the training stops. I know this from previous dogs but it helps to reinforce with the owners too. I’ve seen dogs who’ve gone other places and eve done it myself once. Once. The money was a waste because of the lack of follow through on their part and mine. As an owner, I too need reminding that it is an on going process. Partners commitment helps reinforce mine and my dogs.  I now have four well behaved dogs that are a joy to take anywhere.

Wilbur J.

Partners Dog Training School is the best Dog school in the valley! My fiancé and I needed to be out of the country for a few weeks and were in need of a place to board our Aussie-doodle, Daya. Additionally, Daya was having some over-excitement and barking issues we really wanted to work on and thought that this was a great opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone. We were recommended Partners by our veterinarian and our experience greatly surpassed our expectations. The moment we picked up Daya, we could tell that she had a great time and had learned a ton! Our trainer, Emily, gave us a demonstration and provided a detailed explanation of how we should continue her training. Ever since Daya has been the perfect dog! We even dabble in some casual agility training. To this day, we continue to receive compliments on Daya’s behaviour and responsiveness. We recommend partners to everyone we know!

Ron V.

My husband and I adopted our rescue Dog Marli 5 months ago and brought her to Partners Dog Training to learn agility only 3 weeks after we adopted her. She has just finished level 2 Agility and in the last 4 months has really blossomed. She loves agility and her instructor Anita is the best. So knowledgeable and such a great teacher. The other girls are wonderful too. Melissa has taken special care to help use socialize her to other humans in between agility drills. You have a great team here. We just signed up to learn Rally this past week and that class is equally enjoyable and educational. Anita is a great instructor for Rally too. We can’t wait to see how much we learn. – Marli just finished snake training last Saturday and tried daycare out last week as well. This is a great school and daycare with people that really care.

Lisa h.

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I am so happy that we were lucky enough to find Jen Shelton and Partners! My husband and I rescued a Yorkie/Cairn terrier mix who displayed serious aggression toward other people and controlling behaviors once he got comfortable with us. He’s def full of personality and makes our home complete but his aggression was making it hard to take him anywhere, even to the vet! We found Partners and Jen Shelton was our pup’s main trainer during his stay at Behavior Bootcamp and he came home a very obedient pup. Jen clearly knows and loves dogs. We are so happy keep working with her on our pup’s aggressive behavior, we won’t give up on him and neither will Jen! Thank you Jen!

Erica C.

Two years ago we picked out this terrified pup from a shelter and brought her home. For the first two-months, I could only take her outside after dark because she was so timid but then I called my friend Leighton A Oosthuisen at Partners Training and asked about private lessons. We were paired up with Jen Shelton who totally changed my Tori’s life! She is now a goofy playful pup that loves other dogs and people. Jen used her own dog Violet to help socialized Tori and show her how to be a good girl! If you need help training your fuzzy kid please give Partners a call and talk to Jen Shelton!

Trisha D.

Brought our 4-Year-Old German Shepard Annie for a three-week camp to deal with potential behaviour issues and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  Our dog is obviously so much happier now after being trained and since the training camp so much better behaved. No more barking when put outside.  No more rushing the door.  She sits, stays, heels basically listens to us now.  Wow, what a difference three weeks made. Jen Shelton and everyone there was just terrific!  We will recommend Partners to everyone we know.  Its also good to have a place to trust when we need to board or use daycare.  It’s very obvious they care very much for every dog.  Thanks, Partners!

Dean H.

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We love Partners! We have a high energy Doberman girl and they are just the best! We have boarded her on a couple occasions and they work with her while we travel. We also are taking basic obedience classes weekly. Highly recommend.

Paula S.

We have used Partners for two of our dogs when they were puppies, a yellow lab and a golden doodle. Each time after the two-week training course they came back calmer, attentive and more obedient.  Partners are not the cheapest option but if you commit to the expense and the follow-up training sessions, you will have a well-adjusted pet for your family.

Adam L.

I cannot say enough about partners and specifically our trainer Elise. Our private lessons with Elise were a game changer. We adopted our dog Wrigley and although she had the basic commands….she was definitely in charge!  Elise not only made an amazing connection with Wrigley..but she trained us equally.  Wrigley is a completely different dog…becoming more social, disciplined and confident.  Thank you Elise.  You are the best!!

Katie S.

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We love Partners! We have a high energy Doberman girl and they are just the best! We have boarded her on a couple occasions and they work with her while we travel. We also are taking basic obedience classes weekly. Highly recommend.

Paula S.

We have used Partners for two of our dogs when they were puppies, a yellow lab and a golden doodle. Each time after the two-week training course they came back calmer, attentive and more obedient.  Partners are not the cheapest option but if you commit to the expense and the follow-up training sessions, you will have a well-adjusted pet for your family.

Adam L.

I cannot say enough about partners and specifically our trainer Elise. Our private lessons with Elise were a game changer. We adopted our dog Wrigley and although she had the basic commands….she was definitely in charge!  Elise not only made an amazing connection with Wrigley..but she trained us equally.  Wrigley is a completely different dog…becoming more social, disciplined and confident.  Thank you Elise.  You are the best!!

Katie S.

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I have a border collie-husky mix and am a first-time dog owner. Kelli was our trainer, and I do mean “our.” She patiently but firmly taught me how to handle a dog that learned very quickly but was also independent and stubborn, emphasizing consistency and clarity. She is very positive, generous with praise and treats and encourages you to make it exciting and fun for your dog to obey a command, but she is also focused on making sure the dog is doing something the right way. My dog loved it – she was excited to go to class and loved it when Kelli would take the leash because Kelli makes it so easy for the dog to know what she expects of her. This really is a great experience not just for a new puppy but especially, I think, for a new dog owner.

Erica B.

We have a small dog with aggression issues that we brought to Partners. Leighton, Kitra, and Kaile are incredibly knowledgeable and I have learned a great deal from them. The work they’ve done with our dog definitely shows. While he will always be a management issue, I know how to manage his behavior because of our training. I also know it’s important that I continue to work with him at home doing what they showed us during a recent house visit. Thanks, Partners!

Melissa B.

From sf to la and now to phoenix- this is the best training school for any dog ever. They treat every single dog that enters through the doors as their own. I can’t say enough and they transformed my life with my dog to make him the most enjoyable family member I could ever hope for! Thank you for taking teddy brewski and making him the model dog citizen he is today!!!

Partners and the staff, especially Leighton, Stephanie, Amy, and Kalina are part of Teddy Brewski and my fam now! I can always count on them! Thanks! WOOF

Melany B.

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We adopted our rescue dog, Bonnie, along with her ‘brother’, Clyde, in May 2014. Bonnie is a lab/mix and Clyde is a little chihuahua. Bonnie has never been good around dogs, other than Clyde. They are practically inseparable. We take these two with us on trips, etc., pretty often. We were finally at the end of our ropes on our last outing. We HAD to get Bonnie professional help so she could at least be somewhat decent around another dog. So after checking on a couple of other schools, we decided on Partners, and we cannot be any happier. The staff here are all just incredible! So professional, thorough, patient, and talented! 

Bonnie completed her 33-week behaviour camp, and is now on her follow up classes. She had her first follow up class today, and she did great. She is so much easier to handle, and is learning how to be more accepting around other dogs. She is a “work in progress”, but at least now we have something to work with.

We highly recommend Partners Dog Training School. They are great!

Nancy H.

We sent our Miniature Aussie to Partners for resident training camp for basic obedience.  Prior to going there Scout was actually a pretty good dog, we just thought he could be better.  After just two weeks Partners has brought him to the level of being an amazing dog, one that is a joy both as a companion and to work with at obedience.  

I specifically like the involvement of the staff and the transition training that we are doing now so that Scout knows what applies at Partners applies in our home as well.  The staff is particularly skilled at not only training dogs, but teaching owners the subtle things that make all the difference.  

Perhaps the biggest thing I can say is that this is not just a facility to consider taking a troubled dog to, but also one that can bring significant improvement to an already good dog.

Rick K.

I was lost when it came to my dog, Sophie. She was the typical Chihuahua, barks a lot, territorial, even sometimes a little meanie.

After my Behavior Evaluation/Lesson with Partners, I have learned so much!

I decided to buy a package of 5 lessons and pair with day car visit to her fav trainer!

We have been coming here for a couple of months now and she is an over all happier dog with all her new obedience and foundation training – as Partners calls it!

I have referred my friends and family to Partners. As I was also someone who thought this was how naughty little chihuahua puppies should be acting. Partners have taught me to take control of my home and do it in a positive uplifting way so Sophie enjoys everything now! HIGHLY SUGGESTED!

Raquel W.

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We adopted our rescue dog, Millie, in February of this year.  She is two and definitely had some issues with fear/trust and abandonment.   We enlisted the help of Partners and left Millie for 3 weeks in Doggie Boot Camp.  It was worth every bit of time and the money we spent.  Can’t recommend Emily enough!  Great mix of discipline, compassion and loving :))  Without this program, Partners and the wonderful staff, I seriously doubt that Millie would have found her forever home with us, as we were considering re-homing her.

We just finished level 2 obedience classes with Melissa, who is another super dog trainer.  Millie would never be the confident obedient dog she is today, without the skills she and US were taught at Partners.

Finally, we board Millie each time we go away.  She bounds onto the Partners property and loves all the staff there.  She is all bathed up for pick up with the cutest report card about her behaviour while there.

This is a fairly large business but is definitely professional with a personal touch.  

Millie has found her forever family and her home away from home with Partners :)) 

HIGHLY recommend!

Joanna I.

We put our doberman, Dred, through Partners’ behaviour camp for a variety of reasons, one of which was they could provide a stable and consistent environment to help give him a solid foundation of basics, which we could not do. Kitra (office) spent an incredible amount of time with us, answering all of our questions about the training and was friendly and open and knowledgeable and never tried to push anything on us. Kitra is the reason we decided on a training school that is 100+ miles away from us and we drove 200+ miles round trip for 7 weeks after Dred came home from camp for his follow up sessions. Her belief in Partners, what they do, what they offer, and her friendly open conversation is what convinced us Partners was the right choice for us.

The trainers who worked with Dred were amazing. Stephanie and Ray gave Dred the solid foundation we asked for, but more importantly they taught me the confidence to give Dred a command and expect to be obeyed and Ray taught me the patience to be consistent when it is needed. Without Partners being so patient with ME, Dred wouldn’t be over a year graduated from his camp and still loving his training routines. I just wish we lived closer, we’d come in for more training.

Katherine B.

We brought home a three-month-old Labradoodle Puppy and she needed puppy 411 training STAT. We were referred over to Partners by a previous client and they RAVED about how amazing they were.  They were right. We enrolled our lil puppy in Partners for three full weeks of overnight puppy bootcamp. From the moment I arrived I was treated professionally, thoroughly and knew our puppy was in good hands. She returned home a new dog. Obedient. Alert. Respectful and TRAINED!  We now follow up on Saturday morning training sessions to maintain (OUR) and her attention span. 

We could not be more pleased with our trainer Kalie. Our puppy Jezze is beyond delighted to see everyone but secretly loves Kalie the most 🙂

Kalina the office manager was fabulous through everything and runs the operation smoothly. 

We highly recommend Partners! I now need to enroll my disobedient Pomeranian and have Kalie whip him into shape. 

Thank you all for the wonderful service. I’ve already referred anyone I know looking for dog training assistance.

Raquel W.

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I am a believer in rescue dogs, I have become very committed to taking the dogs that are not the easiest to deal with and can be human aggressive and difficult, they are also big dogs 90lbs and over. I had previously met one of the trainers Leighton and had talked to him about my one dog, Miss M who is more than a handful. I got her at 6 months and did struggle with many aspects of her training and primarily discipline.

Several months go by and I finally decided to go visit Leighton at Partners and take the notorious Miss M. Leighton was wonderful, he had a very calming influence over her, he didn’t try to touch her or work closely with her, he just allowed her to settle down in his company and talk to me (usually the major problem with any dog is the owner) and ask me what I was doing and how I was handling things. At the end of at least an hour I came away with a profound respect for him and the facility he works at. I was given many many tools to use, I was motivated to continue working with her and have seen results that may seem small to others, but are vast and amazing to me.

Any trainer can seemingly work with a somewhat happy or energetic dog, but the absolute most difficult is the aggressive, human in my case but also dog aggressive. I wouldn’t recommend any other School to deal with or help with dogs that are aggressive. This facility is truly amazing not just for having everything from Dock Diving and clean beautiful areas for the dogs to mingle, train and play, but for the quality of service and knowledge and the trainers.

This is the best Training School in Arizona, without exception.

Ana C.

Partners had out Plott Hound, Daisy Mae back in December for 2 weeks of obedience training and then an extra week of boarding while we were on vacation. Our trainer, JEN SHELTON was AMAZING!!!  We needed to have Daisy start her journey of crate training and that is exactly what we loved the most about our experience. 9 months later here we are and our hound is doing beyond expectations. Recently we took our Daisy Mae on a 14 hour each way trip to Ketchum, Idaho and we also brought her crate. She did amazing.  Not one peep in the car and she was extremely well behaved in the hotel room. 

I cannot say enough about her obedience training. When we registered her we were told we would not have a perfect dog and we don’t. It takes work. We did everything we were told when we got her home and of course, we still have days of “Daisy Mae NO!”  The coolest thing I think is when we hike Gateway Daisy sits on command to allow hikers to pass and sits before a mountain bike approaches…that took some training for sure…however Jen got the ball rolling. The tough part about our breed is that she requires a GPS tracking collar to ever go off leash and with the laws around desert conditions it’s a good thing.  We have never had an incident at a dog park in reference to fighting and as a matter of fact, every time she stays at a local place she gets RAVING reports on her behaviour and her ability to get along with other dogs.  Dog park, she is awesome. I owe a ton of that to JEN SHELTON!!!! If your dog needs some obedience training or training of any kind I would highly recommend Partners. However, it takes more than just the trainers you have to be willing to listen to their suggestions and follow through consistently.


Laurel D.

I have to admit, my dog HADES is amazing!!!!  I don’t know how I ended up with a rescue dog that is so well behaved!!!  She has traveled with me all over the USA AND to 3 countries by car, train, boat and plane!   She is my best friend – I take her EVERYWHERE!!!  She would follow me to the end of the earth and back.  But….without a leash!!!  On a leash, it was the complete opposite.

When I put my dog on a leash, everything would descend into the depths of chaos!!!!   She would pull me in every inconceivable direction, take cheap shots at every dog she encountered and seemed like she was going to choke herself into an early death.    Aside from the danger of it all, it was just plain embarrassing!    People are always asking me for DOG advice but yet I had a dog that, on leash, couldn’t even take a stroll around the block without a complete “scene” taking place.  

So I took a chance and decided to “invest” in a private lesson at Partners.   This hour lesson took place four hours ago!!!  

I am currently doing a pub crawl in Cave Creek, AZ and am HAPPY to report that she is walking on her leash and an AMAZING transformation has already taken place!!!   I am so proud!!!  She is walking beside me, without pulling, right by my side!!!  She has encountered several dogs and she still stayed in form.  So IMPRESSED!!!   

Thank you!!!!   Can’t wait for our next lesson!!!!   I am even thinking about dropping her off for CAMP!!!  So HAPPY!!!

Jessica M.

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We rescued a 1-year-old dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer, in May of 2010 and had her home one night before taking her to Partners for resident training camp/obedience boot camp for dogs. We initially intended to leave her for 2 weeks, and that turned into 4 weeks for several reasons. She is a very, very strong-willed purebred Pointer and was neglected by her previous owner – so we ended up with an extraordinarily smart, high energy dog with zero training or socialization (bad combination!) She also had food and toy possession issues, and because we have two small children, it was even more critical that our dog did not display dominant behaviour. Even though she was an adult, she wasn’t even potty trained when we rescued her. So Partners really had to start from scratch with her. 

I believe that our dog’s results demonstrate how good Partners Dog Training is for difficult cases or rescue dogs. I waited two years to write this review (she is now about 3 1/2 years old) because her training has just solidified over time, and this is due to the foundation that Partners built and we maintained as owners. EVERYONE who meets our dog is utterly amazed at how well trained she is. It’s a daily occurrence that we get praise for how well behaved and sweet she is to everyone. I’m actually worried that someone will steal her, she’s that awesome She is extremely easy to train now, and we have trained her to do all sorts of goofy stuff just for fun – spin, roll, etc… Here’s a partial list of what our dog can do: Down/stay or sit/stay for very long periods of time (minutes), reliable recall (come!), knows the “wait” command, never food or toy possessive, does not bark or growl at passing dogs (people are seriously impressed by this), very respectful of other dogs upon introduction, walks/runs on a loose leash, and much more. Any weakness she does have is only due to us not being as consistent at reinforcing what she already knows.  She’s basically the best family dog we could’ve ever asked for, and we owe this to the foundation that Partners built!  I just wish more people would rescue adult dogs, because they can be trained to be fantastic family members.

Andrea S.

I have two dobies, and they are the loves of my life. One has some leash-reactivity issues and can be quite the sassy pants. Two years ago I left her at partners while I was away on business and vacation for two weeks, and she did their camp. She did lose some weight because she hates being crated/kenneled, but that would have happened anywhere. She learned a lot of great skills, and it was the first time I could get her to actually walk on a leash without pulling like crazy. She still is a sassy pant, but she knows her commands perfectly and is very impressive with her commands. We’ve been attending weekly class now for about a year and a half – which is very affordable because we did the camp. I think it is only $10/class. I find this really helps to keep her consistent and she has gone from level one to level two. During her time in level two, she has tested and passed to receive her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. 

I work in the rescue world, so I know that there are A LOT of passionate opinions about different methods of training. Dog people can get really opinionated, and I don’t think anyone trainer or method is commonly loved by all. It can be tiring and every trainer thinks they are right. I am not saying other methods are wrong, just that I believe Partners has a pretty good approach and uses positive training as its basis with lots of other stuff that I won’t try to explain. 

I also think it is important to mix in at home training and “fun” training like agility, dock-diving, etc which partners have. 

I also appreciate that partners supports the rescue community. 

There are a couple people who are extra special to my dobie girl at partners – she loves Lynn, Kerstin, Leighton and Jennifer.

Christy C.

I should probably start this review off by saying that I love my dog, Morrison. I love him so much that I would probably marry him if I could. When I die, he’s getting most of the money I have (aka not much, but I’m sure he’ll enjoy it). IN FACT there isn’t one person I meet that I don’t’ show a picture of him too because I love his face so much I want to take it and put it in a display case in my room.  Anyway, I digress. I boarded Morrison here for 10 days when I went abroad to Europe. Talk about being worried, I wasn’t just out of town, but in another country. But I was really pleased when I got a couple emails throughout my time in Europe. One of them saying he was doing great, and another asking if they could give him some medicine for his allergies. Talk about keeping the parent informed! My biggest pet peeve with vets/groomers/doggie daycare/or any pet-related business is when they try and hide injuries, medicine, or anything else from the owner because they think it will be OK in the end. Partners wouldn’t do that. Usually, when Morrison comes home from overnight doggie daycare he is a little on edge and might growl at people for the next 24 hours. This wasn’t the case at all here. He actually seemed like his normal happy self. The training part of the daycare went great too. This is a relatively in-expensive place to train your dog especially if you combine it with doggie daycare. I am too obsessed with Morrison to even try and train him (I just CAN’T scold him). But after a few days here, he could sit, walk better on a leash, and even understand when I told him NO). They train bomb dogs, police dogs, and other dogs of the sort here, so you know they know what they’re doing. The facility was always clean when I saw it, which I know at other places I’ve been too there is poop and pee everywhere, so it was nice to see none of that. It even smelled OK too. As for the staff, they seemed to know what they were doing. All of them that I talked to had dogs of their own, sometimes they even make appearances at the office. There is an adorable great dane that sits in front. I might be missing something, but I think I covered it all. Long story short, great facility and a place you can trust your children (oops, I mean pet).

Laura M.

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Partners Dog Training literally saved the day with my little rescue dog, who was so aggressive that she bit everyone who tried to approach her – real, blood-drawing bites! Luckily, Zoe is a small Lhasa Apso, but if anyone extended a hand towards her, she’d go after them like a honey badger! I couldn’t take her anywhere, had to groom her myself (and it was like grooming a sharknado), had to muzzle her for the vet, and couldn’t have anyone enter my house. Daily walks were a nightmare, as she was so feral and bonkers on the leash, she tried to kill any bird/dogs/people she saw!

That’s when I discovered Partners Dog Training School and their Aggression Camp.

My biggest need was to be able to board Zoe where she would have human interaction, but the fact that they would give her daily training sessions to address her behaviour sounded too good to be true! To be honest, I didn’t think Zoe would learn much, as I thought she was too feral… & maybe not very smart! I was simply relieved that she would be in a safe, secure environment where her meanness didn’t scare off the trainers! My husband and I left on our trip, and we arranged to come back for a progress-demonstration in two weeks. We didn’t have high expectations. Well! All I had hoped for was that we would observe Zoe (through one-way glass) being less “anxious” and not biting anyone! However, what we actually saw was a happy, obedient little dog joyfully following Jen (her assigned trainer) on the leash, heeling, stopping, sitting, laying down, going to her “place,” interacting with other trainers and dogs… ZOE’S TRANSFORMATION WAS JAW-DROPPING!! My husband and I literally cried tears of joy and disbelief! Zoe not only adored Jen, she happily obeyed!

 I have followed through on everything Partners has taught me, and it has transformed my dog, transformed my home, even transformed my life! To me, the trainers there are like angels from heaven who enabled me to “see the light”: Zoe is willful, there’s no doubt, but she is also very loving and smart. She is now known in our neighbourhood as “that really cute dog who heels so well!”

It’s a miracle! Thank you, Partners Dog Training School!

Roxanne W.

I have been struggling with my rescue ACD, Huxley for the past 3 years since I adopted him.  After bringing him home back in 2013 he immediately began showing territorial aggression to anyone who would enter my home and even nipped at a few people.  As time went on the problems got worse and after moving to a new place in January of this year Huxley’s behaviour deteriorated.  He experienced such bad separation anxiety that he broke out of a window and escaped the house while I was at work and would have a breakdown if anyone other than myself entered the home.  After pulling together the funds, I enrolled Huxley in the Behavior Camp Program at Partners.  He stayed there for 3 weeks to work on lying a foundation of strict obedience and trying to break Huxley of his alpha-like territorial habits. Huxley’s main trainer, Kayli was amazing and thoughtful.  She made sure to keep in contact with me and let me know about Huxley’s progress and the things they were working on each week.  All of the staff were considerate, helpful and seemed truly happy to work with my dog, despite his behaviour problems and bite-history.  Huxley got more comfortable with most of the trainers there after spending some time with them, which encouraged me to believe that he could love other people besides me, with some work and time. Since picking him up last week, it is quite evident that Huxley got exactly the training he needed.  Huxley will never be the dog that loves strangers, he will never be excited to play with someone he is not comfortable with.  But after the three weeks of obedience and conditioning with Partners, I can now control his behaviour and curb his outbreaks.  If I am planning to have people in my home, I can have Huxley stay in a “place” command or have him go to his crate (which NEVER would have happened before).  Partners also muzzle-trained Huxley, which allows me to keep everyone safe while Huxley interacts and begins to re-socialize.  Included for us in the cost of the Behavior Camp (which no, is not cheap- however it is an investment in your dogs future, and in my opinion is 100% worth the up-front cost) are follow up weekly training classes to reinforce what he learned during camp.  There is no miracle fix for dogs with behaviour issues.  I will have to work hard and structure Huxley’s life for as long as I am lucky enough to have him with me.  Partners helped lay the groundwork to ease Huxley’s anxiety and mine as well.  I am very thankful for everyone at Partners and I highly recommend the school to anyone who may be experiencing anything similar to what Huxley and I have gone through.

Jessica S.

I have nothing but great things to say about Partners & the awesome trainers there. We have used them for the initial 3-week Training program where our dog came out a different dog with manners, obedience, and he loved his trainer Jen. She was awesome to work with as was the whole staff there.

They really care about their work & clients- both the people & the dogs.  We asked a ton of questions before choosing to invest in the program for our dog & Kalina was great at answering everything.

The follow-up classes to this program were great for the dog, but more about me learning how to work with him. Leighton the owner is a great communicator with his clients and a true dog whisperer. 

We have since taken him back for boarding (which you can choose to do training & exercises for them again too as a refresher- it is awesome!). It is a simple boarding facility without fancy tv’s in their kennel (??), but clean facilities & a knowledgeable staff.  We have used their snake training- which absolutely works.

We also enlisted him in the agility classes with Anita who was also awesome to work with.  I really have nothing but great things to say about this place & the staff.

When we go back, my Buddy gets so excited to see his friends on staff that it is hard for me to hold him back from giving kisses to those that he has worked with- that is just an easy indicator of how much he also loves this place & would also give a 5-star review! 🙂 

Kellie Z.

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I cannot say enough this place. 😃Sooooo reasonably priced, amazing staff. fantastic trainers. I’m am forever grateful to them.  💖 we will be back for yearly rattlesnake training, agility training, and getting Asa CGC certified. 5☆!!! Thank you Melissa!😘

Lori A.

Partners is incredible. Our puppy went from out of control to wonderful and so well behaved. Absolute game changer!!! Thank you, Partners! 

Amy M.

Everyone at Partners is amazing. We’ve worked with Jen and I can tell you that she knows dogs and she’s a delight to work with! Thanks Jen for being the best at what you do!! Joan M.

Joan M.

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My dog came back from a two-week session much more obedient, but still happy and outgoing. I’m very pleased. 

John H.

Great place for obedience training! Jen is excellent 

Billy T.

Great staff and great training. We boarded or dog for three weeks and had him trained while there. He is doing great. 

Frederick S.

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“The best in the valley possibly the country! Give Leighton a call and get your pooch taken care of!

Charles K.

Great service. Clean. Worry free zone. Continuous support and feedback. Would recommend to anyone. 

Jeff M.

We just love our trainer JEN!! She was the best and has helped our Penny be a much better girl! Thanks Jen! <3 

Molly B.

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“The best in the valley possibly the country! Give Leighton a call and get your pooch taken care of!

Charles K.

Great service. Clean. Worry free zone. Continuous support and feedback. Would recommend to anyone. 

Jeff M.

We just love our trainer JEN!! She was the best and has helped our Penny be a much better girl! Thanks Jen! <3 

Molly B.

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Partners Agility Training was a terrific experience for Angel, my German Shepherd, and me. We had a lot of fun together while learning new skills. I definitely recommend the class. 

Robin B.

Partners is awesome. My Kirby loves the staff and the other doggies. I would highly recommend Partners to everyone. 

Joyce N.

Top notch facility! The trainers are very knowledgeable! I LOVE Partners!!!!!!!!!! 

Luella R.

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The best! Staff is professional and really care about dogs. Best part…dogs love it there–learning and making new friends. 

Pam T.

Had great obedience training and snake avoidance training there with our American bulldog and Boston terrier! Costumer for life! 

Brandie R.

The understanding of the Dog World, and of Dog owners. 

Henry O.

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Very helpful in meeting the needs of the individual dogs and their owners. 

Jocelyn D.

Awesome facility and the staff is even better! Would highly recommend to anyone who has a dog…. no age minimum or maximum! 

Shane J.

Thor loved Partners’ puppy camp and came back a new dog! They are so easy to work with and are incredibly helpful in teaching us how to be good dog parents! 

Heidi H.

Let us help you

I am so grateful to have found Partners. Elyse was wonderful with my dog. Though 3 weeks was tough, the pictures helped. Can’t wait to keep working with you guys! 

Terra L.

Great facility with wonderful trainers and staff!!!! We’ve seen such an improvement in our boxer/mastiff and we owe it all to Partners Dog Training!!!!! 

Ingrid A.

Very satisfied with the professional staff and excellent training. Took a strong-willed rescue with numerous issues. The results far surpassed our expectations and worth the time & every penny spent. 

Debbie M.

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Bella. My 1 and a half yr old GSD just completed a 3 week board and train and I am so happy with her results. Melissa was her trainer. She is wonderful to work with. She took her time with me and made sure I understood everything. The entire staff there is extremely helpful and kind. The best part is that they all really do love Bella. I can see how much they care for her. We just had our first group class last night which we both loved! We are learning every day and I’m very grateful I chose Partners. 

Michele C.

The staff is so friendly and was able to really tame our puppy Rottweiler. He went away for a three week training camp while we were out of town and his behavior change has been night and day, for the better. The training techniques are easy to learn and he was able to follow them promptly. Previously we had used another trainer who came to our house. It was a total waste of time and money and our puppy did not learn anything from the trainer. We still have some sessions left and I am so excited to continue with his training. Highly recommend Partners to any dog owner. Thank you! 

Madeline P.

We love Partners!!! My husband and I brought our 3 year old chocolate lab there for behavior camp since he was having trouble with resource guarding, especially with food. They did excellent and most importantly helped train us how to approach and handle his guarding. We were so impressed that we continued his training there with group classes and he just graduated level 3. Everyone there is amazing and we as a whole family love and enjoy coming here. 

Beverly A.

Let us help you

My dog Maddie loved Partners! She spent 2 weeks working with Emily and learned more than we ever could have taught her on our own. The building is clean, dogs are treated well, and our sessions were convenient with our schedules. We love Partners! 

Marchelle J.

Fantastic staff and very accommodating! Our Cane Corso puppy just got back from the 2-week training and learned so much. She’s great on the leash, sitting and using her crate. Can’t wait to see even more improvement in our upcoming classes! A huge thanks to Jen our trainer for loving and teaching our girl while she wasn’t there!! 

Kristy G.

Great folks and great results! Our Boston Terrier pup not only learned some great basic commands but apparently she also learned not to potty in the house anymore even though we didn’t have potty training as part of our regime. Great program! 

Scott H.

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My dog Maddie loved Partners! She spent 2 weeks working with Emily and learned more than we ever could have taught her on our own. The building is clean, dogs are treated well, and our sessions were convenient with our schedules. We love Partners! 

Marchelle J.

My husband and I have been bring Ben to training from level one and now we are in level three. Ben loves it, and we have made just great progress with Kalie Rumaner as our instructor.�� 

Marilyn M.

Everyone here is wonderful. Our trainer, Emily, has helped us so much and Xochitl loves to attend camp when we travel. She comes home happy, tired and clean. What dog could ask for more? 

Kim R.

Let us help you

Both my labs. Holli and Tucker were trained by Kelli. Even though we know all labs know how to swim she coached them in dock diving. Such a great experience. Kelli was very patient with our then 1 year old Tucker. 

Suzi W.

Elyse worked with both Apollo and I for the last several months to make him a more obedient, loving and well mannered dog. She is always available when I have a question, and the constant feedback and advice is always welcome. Apollo is now a bilingual dog.

Shane P.

Had a great experience with our trainer Elyse. She really took to our pup Rudy, understood his challenges and keep us in the loop of his progress. When it was time to reunite, Elyse took the time to show me Rudy’s progress 1st hand, and gave us time to adjust to each other. Thank you Elyse

Stefan B.

Let us help you

I took my little Jack Russell mix to Partners an when I brought her home I had a totally new pet. Seriously, she learned so much and now it’s my turn! I’m being trained to be the leader of the pack and I’m loving it!! 

Penny W.

Brought my Giant Schnauzer, Meghan, in for 3 weeks of training. Amazing difference. I was thinking of rehoming her, but now she is a member of the family and I wouldn’t trade her for the world! C

Christine D.

With just two weeks of training Partners turned our Rottweiler / Pit mix into a very manageable well- behaved family pet that is an absolute joy to be around. Besides the very good results we achieved with our dog the staff and personal attention to our needs where outstanding. 

Marshall M.

Let us help you

Leighton and his staff and at Partners dog training are clearly world class. The approach to dog training and the teams proven results are wonderful. I have watched a lot of the live news videos with helpful tips for keeping your dog safe. Dog safety is the paramount to a healthy relationship with your dog, and it helps to keep them safe! 

Rick V.

Partners is a wonderful training facility. I would recommend partners to anyone looking for training. I have experienced nothing but great customer service. The staff always keeps in touch and clearly explained the plan of action to me. The trainers are patient and truly professional. I will forever be a customer. 

Matthew B.

Partner’s Dog Training was awesome and extremely helpful in the process of both finding and training my dog, Apollo. Everyone there was always welcoming and friendly, as well as helping me learn how to handle my dog, as well as training him for everything in life! From basic to advanced obedience, crate-training, socialization, and adjusting to my own home and life – they did everything. Very professional and just all around amazing! The go-to place for dog training!! 🙂 

Sasha P.

Let us help you

My name is Ken Felder, owner of Stool and Dinette Factory , I believe I’m a life-long friend of Partners and especially a true friend to Lantin , I’ve had four dogs, that went through training at the school, Maverick and Matrix live over 14 years, Dallas is over 10 & Cooper is 6 , they have become the best of the best, they are, and have become my best friends, only the excellent quality of the training by Partners made me proud, to love and call them my best friends. Thank-you Partners, with your help, I was shown to love unconditionally…. 

Ken F.

I want to call a shout out to Jen and Jessie for an awesome Level 1 Obedience class for me and Hopkins. He is 8 months old and the Level 1 class helped to keep me focused on the goals of my training. They gave me ideas for new ways to approach training challenges as well as providing encouragement and recognition of our accomplishments. Thank you for all of your knowledge, advise and support- you are THE BEST! 

Ann K.

My 7 month-old-Aussie had decided to take a stubborn independent streak. I called Partners for help and scheduled private lessons. I was very lucky in having Emily assigned as my trainer. Emily was outstanding. Not only did Murphy respond to her well, Emily was able to “train” me. I saw a remarkable difference in just a few weeks. Thank you Emily for all your help!! 

Kathy W.

Let us help you

We love Partners, and have been going there for 2 years with our problem child Nala. We knew she would need a lot of work when we rescued her, and talked to a number of trainers before we decided on Partners. The staff and facility is top notch. Elyse has been our go to and has done a fantastic job training Nala (and Nala’s owners…). We’re lifelong customers! 

Jay P.

My Zeus and Cocoa worked with Kelli. I’m amazed at the change! My very smart but also very stubborn Cocoa actually listens and obeys my commands now whereas before she would give me a look that said “no way am I doing that mom”… especially when it came to getting in her kennel. Now she just runs right in when I tell her too! Kelli is great! 

Anna D.

Thank you Elyse for teaching Diesel how to jump of the dock and me how to throw the bumper (which I still need practice with). You rock and so does all the staff at Partners, they are always so nice and helpful. Thank you all for what you do! It does make a big difference when you have a well behaved dog. 

Aneta C.

Let us help you

Emily was so amazing and wonderful to work with! Our little guy, Fritz, went into training with no manners and some really bad habits. He was aggressive with other dogs, jumping all over our table and counter, and just generally not listening. After 3 weeks at behavior camp he is like a new dog. Training helped establish a line of communication between us and things have never been better. Fritz listens, plays well with others, and is a much happier pup now that we do regular obedience training with him. Obedience has been a great positive outlet for his energy and drive and we are so thankful for Emily and Partners Dog Training for making it happen. 

Emma I.

We just want to give a big thank you to Partners Dog Training and especially Jen who went above and beyond to make sure our little Fenny would be extremely well-behaved as we started a new chapter in our lives. We love Fenway but he showed some aggressive behavior before coming to Partners, but after working with Jen and coming back to a new home we already saw a drastic change in his behavior when meeting new family and friends. Without the help of Jen and Partners our little family wouldn’t be where we are today! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏼 

Morgan W.

Wow, what a difference! Our dog, Molly, attended the three-week behaviour camp and we are so impressed with the change in her behaviour. We have been taking our dogs to Partners over the years and have always been happy with their trainers and service. Our trainer for Molly is Jen, and she definitely lived up to this high bar! Thank you, Jen and Partners, for training Molly (and us!) Lori H.

Lori H.

Let us help you

Melissa is helping me learn how to work with my 3- year old german shepherd. Judy is doing so well after her 3-week stay at Partners Dog Training. Melissa is a very intuitive trainer. Her patience and loving approach makes the training more enjoyable for Judy and me! This is the second dog Melissa has helped me train. My now 2-year old male, Sakata, is so well behaved he goes with me on appointments that allow animals and waits quietly by my side while I complete business. She was available for questions and has given me some very good ideas for further training. We all are very happy we met her!!! 

Carol R.

Love love love them! My family would be broken without Partners. They treat you like family and take care of your babies as if they were theirs. I can’t say enough good things about Partners. We were having aggression problems with our Great Dane and I remember this tiny girl (Jen) comes in and immediately whipped him into shape. I was amazed. What an amazing group of people. 

Rachel S.

After taking four different pets to Partners Animal Training over the course of a 15-18 year time period, I can honestly say that they are amazing at their care and training of animals. They are patient and loving and after a 3-week Boarding Camp visit last fall I knew my pups were very well treated after I saw their reaction to their trainers on a return visit… clearly were very happy and excited to be there (not cowering or afraid). The training and the progress the pups make in a short period of time is unbelievable. 

Patty F.

Let us help you

My pup and I have had a great experience with Partners for both training and boarding. Kylie had a long history of behaviour problems, and her time with trainer Kalie has made all the difference. She is like a new dog and I’m extremely grateful to Partners and Kalie in particular for investing so much time and thought to working with both her and me. I knew I had made the right decision when I saw Kylie interact with Kalie for the first time; Kylie has always been mistrustful of women, but she absolutely loves Kalie and trainer Jen. Thank you Partners for treating my best friend so well! 

Maureen M.

I love all the staff, everyone is super friendly and helpful! I took my German shepherd to their boot camp a year ago because of his aggressive behaviours, and after the camp he was a totally different dog! I’m so happy I took him here and he is amazing now! I also love that if I have any questions, they will help me without hesitation, even a year later! Elyse was awesome with him and so is Emily! 

Kristen S.

Partners is Awesome! We sent our Great Dane to aggression camp for 2 months last summer and we were lucky enough to have him team up with Jen. She and the other trainers did a wonderful job of rebalancing him to a dog that is much better behaved and we are grateful. We now take both our dogs there for overnight Howl-a-day camps whenever we are in need of a break or travelling and they love going. Thank you Partners for all that you do! It takes a lot of energy, patience, and luv to do what you do and we luv u for it! 

Philip S.

Let us help you

Fergie the corgi graduated from Level 1 Obedience last November and I was remiss in sending my thanks and appreciation to Kelli and the team!! While I am still working on MY training, Fergie is so much better behaved in the neighborhood, out on the town and at home. We sing the praises of her training daily. Thanks for making it so FUN and achievable! 

Stephanie F.

Partners helped us tremendously with my Chow rescue Jax. He was so fearful and could be aggressive when put in a situation that scared him. Partners gave him confidence through behaviour and obedience training that helped him build trust that we were in control and were not going to harm him. He is far less fearful and is more trusting with men now, which was one of the major issues before we started training. We still take him to follow-up group training every other week and he continues to improve. I don’t think we would have been able to help Jax without Partners. 

Dawn B.

I don’t know if there are enough positive things to say about Partners and, specifically, the Trainer Elyse. Taking our dog, Charlie, to Partners over a year ago was one of the best decisions for our family. They gave us the support and tools to adequately deal with a dog that has aggressive behaviours. Charlie and us have been active participants in group classes led by Elyse, moving up through the levels with people and dogs that have issues and needs just like us. It has been such a comfort and great resource to have someone like Elyse work with us through each challenge and give us the tools to be confident dog owners. 

Gwynn P.

Let us help you

We came to Partners with our English Bulldog, Winnie, after an unsuccessful experience with an in-home trainer. Melissa was her trainer through the basic obedience program. Winnie was quick to respond on her basic commands and we were given a lot of help in how to continue working at home. Melissa was terrific. Our follow-up parenting classes had to cut short when Winnie came down with Valley Fever. We were pleased to see how well the training she had continued to work during and after her illness. When Winnie became a teenage dog, she became a bit difficult – trying to dominate and being aggressive with smaller dogs. We brought Winnie back to Partners and Hannah took on the challenge of dealing with an exuberant year old Winnie. She worked wonders. We are currently continuing to work with Hannah to hone Winnie’s skills and give us ongoing support to assure that we maintain the progress she and Hannah started. Winnie loves to go to visit Hannah and is fast becoming a happier, well-mannered dog. Thanks Hannah and everyone at Partners Darlene M.

Darlene M.

Love this place! What a wonderful clean, friendly and amazing Facility!! I Came to Partners Dog Training School to have a private lesson with Melissa. My 7-month old Standard poodle Raylan and I drove from Tucson to get a lesson in Dock diving! Let me say it was so worth the 2-hour drive. As Melissa worked with Raylan I realized I had come to the right place. She was direct with her instructions and gave feedback as we went along. She was amazing and Raylan really took to her! They have a boarding facility as well. As a Pet care professional myself, this place screamed they truly cared about the pets in their care. The runs were clean and everything smelled sanitized. The Pets that can be seen are clearly happy and plenty of water! Truly so happy I found this place!! Can’t wait for next week! 

Jessica S.

We have worked with Kalie now twice. Once a year ago with our 1-year old female Chocolate Lab who is gentle and extremely outgoing, to learn to greet people and other dogs, and to come when called. And, now we returned with our 9-month old male Chocolate Lab who is bold and also very outgoing, to help him with similar issues. Kalie helped us in both cases to understand what we were doing well and where we needed work in training our pups so they were socially polite and responsive to the commands we requested of them. Kalie clearly loves her work and our dogs (as I am sure she does all of her clients) and we appreciate the training she gives us as well. In a few short weeks we have seen improvement in both of our Labs. We no longer dread walking them and coming face to face with another dog and their owner. It was also important to us that our happy dogs keep their personality and not be “scared straight”. Thank you, Kalie, for your talent and excellent guidance. 

Deborah M.

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I am the proud owner of two rescue dogs, Hank a Boston Terrier mix and Cookie a Pitt mix. Both suffered from severe separation anxiety, which resulted in damage to my home and my dogs (Hank breaking off his nails trying to claw out of his crate and Cookie breaking open a window in an escape attempt and chewing her way out of multiple crates). Kaylee worked with both Hank and Cookie and was amazing! She taught both of them obedience, and more importantly taught me how to handle and “read” my dogs behaviors. All around we are much happier family and my dogs have responded beautifully to the structure we learned at partners. I can’t say enough good things about this amazing facility! Kaylee, Thank you for all your hard work and encouragement! 

Jamie O.

Taking our extremely high energy golden retreiver, Aspen, to train at Partners was the best decision we could have made. We have had many classes with Kelli McCoy all the way through to level 4. She is an amazing and caring instructor! Not only did she train Aspen and help to break bad habits, she trained us as well! She taught us the skills we needed so we could work with him at home. I had a hard time being firm and she worked with me to have more confidence in handling my large dog. We are so thankful for a wonderful school like partners. We have also done snake training and dock diving at the school. It is awesome that they have so many options available! Thank you to everyone there :-) 

Stephanie C.

I have so many good things to say about this place and their staff. I brought my dog Ollie in for aggression camp back in February where he stayed for almost a month. Elyse was our trainer, and she managed to turn him from an unpredictable high risk dog who didn’t respect my authority to one who listens and behaves (most of the time, no one’s perfect). Elyse was (and is!) wonderful at answering any questions and/or concerns about Ollie throughout the long training process and always made herself available if I ever needed her. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for both Ollie and I! We continue to take classes from her now to further the training that has been established over the last 6 months. I can’t recommend Partners and Elyse enough! 

Jackie P.

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Best training I’ve ever experienced with Kelli at Partners! My little guy (dottie/pug) is an aggressive little guy, and she patiently worked with him to change his attitude towards people and food aggression. They taught me through the basics, and showed me that training and happens at BOTH ends of the leash. Training must continue and be followed through at home in order for any pieces of training to be effective. Some of these negative reviews are astounding. Sounds like some people reviewed them negatively when they didn’t even follow training at home. It doesn’t just stop at Partners, it continues at home!  Another thing, people are complaining about price? Or “punch tickets for loyal customers”…well 1. This isn’t Starbucks. And as for the price, you really do get what you pay for, and that’s excellent training and customer service!!! I would choose Partners any day, particularly to be trained with Kelli!

Maritza A.

My partnership with Partners started when I was searching for an agility class for my first border collie. Soon I fell in love with the sport. So I acquired my second border collie to also train in agility. This time around Partner’s obedience classes gave me some tools of control for a very exuberant border collie on the agility field. And when the dock diving pool arrived- oh wow, the fun really started. I now have my third border collie. We have completed Partner’s obedience level one and now on to the rally class. Though I enjoy competing with my dogs, most of all I enjoy my partnership with my dog, whether they win or not. I thank Partners for getting me involved with performance sports with my dogs. And also the human friendships I have made in all these adventures. Cindy H.

Cindy H.

Wow, I can’t believe the negative reviews that were given below. That simply is not the way Partners operates. Partners is a world-class facility. Leighton, the Founder and Training Director and Kitra the Head Trainer – all the trainers and staff – are gold. Our feelings are supported by all the other positive reviews below and those of us who feel that way know we are fortunate to have found Partners. We wasted our time and money on 2 other “highly rated” dog training schools before we went to Partners. If anybody wants to talk about the amazing job Partners has done for us please PM me and I would be happy to talk to you about our story. As others say here in their review training your dog is a lifelong commitment and it takes a lot of time, patience and consistency – daily and weekly – on your part as an owner and if you are willing to do this Partners will be with you the whole way. Tim P.

Tim P.

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Partner Snake Avoidance Reviews

Great snake training; professional team. Definitely will take the pup back for refreshers.

Brian S.

We were pleased with Partners rattlesnake avoidance training.  Both our dogs were treated very well & so were we!  So glad we found them!

Mary M.

They treated Scout very nicely.  We will be back for her refresher. If you are interested in Snake Training, I would recommend them.

Nikki G.

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We brought our 10-month old, yellow lab Sandy, here for their snake training and were very impressed! Everyone we worked with was very professional, and you can tell they truly care about the well-being and safety of your dog. Within one, 20-minute training session, Sandy wouldn’t go near or look at the snakes (all in cages), even when I went over by the cage and called her name. I will definitely be bringing her back in 6 months for a refresher course, since we are big hikers and are training her to walk off leash. Highly recommend!
Kimberly H.

If you live in anywhere with a dog in rattlesnake habitat, I highly recommend putting them through the snake avoidance training that is offered through this Partners. We recently had or second did trained, after much success with our first. After training, or first occasionally ran into snakes on trails, and would not approach them at all. She often let us know there was a snake up ahead, before we knew it ourselves. It’s a must for dog owners who love their fur babies!
Karen B.

Jazzy started at Partners at 4 months old for obedience and later for snake avoidance. We tell everyone who will listen how great Partners is. Jazzy’s breeder recommends Partners to all her new owners. We fully intend to take her back for a snake avoidance refresher when weather gets a little warmer Now at 9 months she is a favorite at the dog park and growing up with good manners until the puppyness gets the upper hand. She is gentle with little and holds her own with big dogs at the dog park. Partners is the best. Try them you will like them.
Sharon F.

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After having many dogs over 40 years, I adopted a very Alpha boy. He is a love but very strong-willed. I can’t imagine getting him trained without Partners. They truly are your partner! Snake avoidance training is brilliant & so important here in the desert. Do your dog a favor and get to a class.
Wendy H.

Have taken every dog in the family to the Snake Avoidance School. Great team there, informative, knowledgeable, compassionate and punctual. Hope my dogs never have to “use” their new skills, but if they do, I believe they are ready!!!! (will return for the 6-month review class, to make sure the puppy remembers)
Debbie A.

Good experience. Pearl is the second dog I’ve taken to the snake avoidance training. They do a great job. My older dog was in the training 4 years ago and has done well when a rattle snake is around. I highly recommend this training.

Jon D.

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We went to Partners Dog Training for our first snake training last year when our dog Neliah (30# Golden doodle) when she was 6 mo old and it was great and she caught on quickly….this year when she went back for her refresher she was acting a bit nervous….she remembered the previous experience.  They do a wonderful job and will be back next year for our annual refresher.

Susan B.

We’ve gone to Partners for 6 years for our annual snake proofing and they never fail to excel.  The trainers are very nice and conscious of your dog’s quirks/issues and ensure they pass the test.  If they don’t pass, they get a redo in a week or so.  Haven’t had to find out about the results as we have yet to run into a rattlesnake, but it puts my mind more at ease if we would!

Julie S.

Just wanted to thank you all. My dog Dudley has been to snake training for the last 3 years. This morning I let him out into my backyard. I heard a rattle and he came running back to me!!! There was a rattlesnake coiled right where he likes to do his morning business. He did perfectly just as you taught him to do. I brought him into the house and gave him lots of praise. He is safe and healthy due to you guys!! Thanks.

Kim M.

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Today took my puppy for snake training. This is the 4th dog I have taken to this facility. The staff is awesome and their program is one of the best in AZ. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jo J.

Took our dog Bode for rattlesnake avoidance training.    Seemed to go fine.   Will only know if we run into a rattlesnake if it worked.  Hope so.

Marcy P.

We have 2 dogs who were trained by Partners for Snake Avoidance.  It was done quickly and with no discomfort to our pups.  I highly recommend Partners for Snake Avoidance training.

Paul K.

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I can’t imagine having a dog in the desert without rattlesnake training. Partners do it quickly, effectively, and without trauma. They are extremely well organized and friendly. And boy, did it work! A week after training, my golden retriever and I were walking in the neighbourhood at night. In the distance, we heard the crackle of some fireworks going off, but with the sound reflecting off the nearby wall, it sounded like it was coming from a bush next to us. My dog jumped away, as he had on the last rattlesnake that he was considered “trained” on. Sooo good!

Beyond F.

Brought my little dog 2years ago to be trained to recognize and not approached rattlesnakes. Well, I decided to give a refreshing course to my dog and went this morning thinking well she won’t remember anything and to my huge surprise she remembered everything and knew not to approach the snakes. It was so incredible I am still in shock. Best place ever. Thank you, guys. You are all the best!

Julie S.

I brought my dog Willie to Partners for training, both snake and obedience.  What a difference this has made.  All the trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly.  You can tell they are passionate about helping people train their dogs.  Such a wonderful experience.  I would definitely recommend Partners to anyone who needs a trainer.

Amy I.

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If you want to prevent your dog from getting bit by a rattlesnake, this is the place to go. They make it easy and quick. Great customer service. Our dog, Scout, was fine with the people, even though she’s not around other people much. We think dogs know if a person is nice.  She will be back for her refresher training in six months. Thanks. By the way, haven’t seen a snake yet, but we did pass a hole that she wouldn’t go near! She usually sticks her nose in every hole.

Doug G.

Just had my 2 Labs snake trained at Partners. Excellent service! Pleasant people with smiling faces!  Everything went perfectly. These folks know what they are doing for sure.  Real life exposure to rattlesnakes… the sounds and the smells… and  the dogs learn to avoid them. I feel much better taking the boys on a hike or even letting them out in the back yard now they’ve had this training.  I can’t recommend Partners enough. Very, very nice job snake training my dogs. Excellent!

Chris N.

Well, did not get anything free, don’t know the family, nor anyone who works here…so what I am about to say is unsolicited. Ruger ( the dog) went for his first ” snake avoidance ” class….Ruger can be difficult, not only did he like everyone, they understood his barking. (letting all know that Ruger is in the area)….The trading was completed, explained, and we feel better and that Ruger is safer now…we will follow-up in 6 months, and set him up with more training for his barking issues. Great people, place, down to earth.

John B.

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I have a 1-year-old Chocolate Lab, 6 months ago I took her for her first snake training session. Everything is running very professional and very efficient. Tmrw we are going back for her refresher course. I highly recommend this class to all dog owners.

Jake W.

We have taken our dogs there for the Snake Avoidance Training and it has worked great.  The trainers are great with the dogs. Our dog Ridley has warned us a few times now of snakes. Highly recommend.

Denise G.

I’ve used Partners Dog Training for both of my dogs for Snake Avoidance training. They both responded really well and the process was neat to watch. We haven’t run across any snakes yet but I feel much better knowing they’ve at least been trained. The trainers were really nice and knowledgeable.

Kristi J.

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We live in Cave Creek and knew that we needed to take our 1 year old puppy to snake training. We had taken our older dog there when she was a puppy and living in Cave Creek, it is a much needed training tool. He did great! They take you through the desert with different scenarios so that they smell, see and hear the snakes. Our pup only needed to receive the stim on the e-collar once and then he backed away the other times he came near it. It’s really a great experience because it should help save your dog if they ever encounter a rattler. Tough love but well worth it. It saves your dog from getting bit and also is much less expensive than anti-venom! I think everyone in AZ should invest in training like this for their dog!

Kerri B.

Well I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience -however, I’d like to believe, ‘what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger’.  We’d recently had a rattlesnake experience and were fortunate to not have gotten bitten. This motivated us to have ‘Trout’ go through the training.  It pained me to watch him get zapped with shock collar, but it beats the alternative.  I am hoping that this will keep us a little safer. The staff were very professional and efficient. We will do the follow-up when it is time.

Lola G.

I also recommend their 3-week residency training program.  It was really hard to leave Kato there and it was worth getting over my own anxiety for his sake.  This BOXER is the happiest dog in the world every day, but he can be crazy and they have excellent trainers and this facility is awesome.  We could not have kept this rescue without their help! Kato thanks them, too!. Emily, Anita and all of the trainers are the best.  Someone mentioned how the facility looks, well, trust me, Kato doesn’t care!  It is a training centre for dogs, etc.  Snake training is a necessity in Arizona! Without that behaviour training program we would still be struggling with any group training.  He is far from perfect but I need a lot of training as well!

Judy H.

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Partners gave me the peace of mind now that we live near a nature preserve. Glad to know the pups will avoid the snakes!!!! 

Julia P.

Took my puppy through snake avoidance…they were really awesome & thorough. Looking forward to doing more business in the future! 

Sue S.

We had a great experience at Partners – they helped us tremendously with Snake training our dogs. The facility and trainers offer something for everyone. So glad you are going to be around for a long while!! 

Dawn L.

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Great staff and variety of classes to keep your dog stimulated. We have completed Agility 1 and Agility 2 with Anita as the instructor and our dog loves it. We just started Rally class with Anita and are very pleased with the class too. Snake training is on our schedule 2 weeks from now and maybe dock diving in the future. 

Marcel H.

Took my 5 and a half-month-old Yellow lab for snake avoidance training. Staff was friendly and professional, did an outstanding job of explaining what they were doing and why. Hopefully, never find out if the training was effective or not but feel confident in what he learned. 

Scott E.

We took our 9-year old Aussie here for their snake avoidance training. Everyone was really friendly. Leighton was very knowledgeable and explained every step of the process while we watched. Our Aussie did really good and she couldn’t get away from that last snake fast enough, which is the response we wanted to see! I feel much more confident knowing that she has an awareness of snakes now. Let’s hope she never has to use that training! We’ll bring her back for the refresher course next spring. Highly recommend them! 

Julie M.

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Partners Doggy Daycare Reviews

We bring Sunshine every Friday and have for about three years. He absolutely loves getting to spend the day playing with other dogs, which we so appreciate because he gets to play all day with other dogs who are as energetic as he is.

Patrick H.

I am always so happy to bring Boca here, they are such a wonderful caring group.

Laura M.

We have been attending classes, going to Doggy Daycare and have boarded at Partners for over 2 years now. The staff is wonderful with our Olde English Bulldogge. Gunner! 

Ed G.

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I’ve been taking Daisy to Partners for doggy daycare for more than a year, and the moment we pull into the parking lot and she realizes where we are, she gets so excited! She loves playing with all of the staff and her fellow furry friends. Convenient drop off and pick up times and enjoy the report card at the end of the day. Thanks, Partners!

Mychael R.

My dogs love Partners Daycare. The staff truly cares. They make sure there is a 10:1 dog to trainer ratio so there is a ton of attention! And my pups always come home pooped out after a playing! Definitely would recommend.

Christopher O.

We have been customers of Partners from the past so it was easy to bring my plot hound Daisy Mae to all day play. The hours work great and the staff is amazing. Daisy came home a happy hound and slept the rest of the day. Lol. Played hard. We love Jen Shelton–she is the best.

Wild B.

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Sophie has been going to Daycare at Partners for a couple of years. She LOVES the new All Day Play!!! Plus she still has the option for her 1/2 hour of private training. Kelli’s Team is loving, caring and professional. Daycare is not a wild “free for all” as found in most Daycare facilities. Your furry friend is kept safe and disciplined while having fun with her friends. Partners is the best!!!!
Ginny S.

Our dog Sonny has been going to Partners day care for a couple of years now and he loves it. He gets so excited when we get there and he loves that he can play all day now with his friends! He is totally passed out when he gets home 🙂 The staff is great and we especially like the staff to dog ratio. Thanks Partners!
Kim D.

Our golden doodle Arya has been using partners doggy daycare for the last few months and has participated in obedience training through level three for the past two years. We have been more than happy with the program and absolutely love doggy daycare! She always comes back happy and tired from a whole day of playing. We would recommend it to anyone!
Kelsey K.

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A very cool facility with everything a dog could want. Heck I want to go to day care there! Leighton is very knowledgeable with training all types of dogs and freely shares his tips and insights. I love his facebook live sessions where you can ask him anything! They really do care about dogs and it shows in the work they do.

Cee R.

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