Private Dog Training in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

One-On-One Attention

Address Specific Behaviors + Commands

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Highly Experienced Instructors

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Personal Dog Training at Partners Dogs

  • 1 hour-long session with a professional trainer
  • Address specific behaviors and commands
  • Program Assessments Available
  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Perfect to accelerate obedience and manners

If you’re looking for trust in training, Partners is for you and your fur-baby. They are passionate about your dog’s well-being, training your pup, and training the owners. The key component to success is that the owner continues to train with their pup every day.”– Sandy G”

one on one dog training at home

  • 1 and a half hour session with a professional trainer
  • Perfect for puppies that are not fully vaccinated yet
  • Address foundational behaviors and commands
  • Train in the comfort of your home!

“Gus is a graduate of the Puppy and Me program which was a great start to his training. Introducing him to other dogs and people has been very good for him!” –Jo L.

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Unparalleled Experience

At Partners, we succeed with more dog training cases than any other dog training school in the country. The fact that thousands of dogs have gone through this program makes us uniquely qualified to correct any problem and take obedience to stellar levels.

Fast Track Goals.
Maintain Our Work.

Private Lessons are a great way to fast-track specific behaviors or commands. Everything from Basic Obedience to puppy manners, and more! Maintain progress at home and check in with your instructor periodically to achieve the success you’re looking for.

All Shapes And Sizes.
All Problems.

Every dog is different. At Partners we factor in personality, breed, age, and many other variables to come up with the best path to reach success. The key is cooperation and transparency with us, as well as listening to our guidance moving forward.

Industry-defining Strategies

Our training is built on the foundation of repetition and consistency. While working with us, we will help you build a solid foundation with your dog. We use a combination of positive and corrective methods to stop problem behaviors and establish positive behaviors.

Not sure what program is best?
We can help!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Age/Breed Restrictions?

There is a minimum age requirement of 20 weeks which allows time to develop immune systems. There is no maximum age and we accommodate all dogs, sizes, breeds, and temperaments!

What vaccinations are required?

Due to the large number of dogs we work with each year, we maintain the strictest cleaning, sanitation, and vaccination protocols of any pet care facility. We require Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper/Parvo vaccination for ALL dogs that enter any of our facilities. We can verify this directly with your vet, records can be uploaded into your Pet Parent Portal, or you’re welcome to email them to us. All vaccinations must be given at least 1 week prior to coming to one of our facilities. Dogs recently rescued must be at home for at least 30 days prior to coming to one of our facilities. Dogs showing any infectious symptoms must remain at home and be clear of symptoms for at least a week prior to returning to one of our facilities. For any further questions please see our Staying Healthy Agreement in your Pet Parent Portal or contact one of our Guest Support Team Members.

Can children participate in a private lessons?

Of course! There are some limitations. Children must be at least 8 years old and well-behaved. Parents MUST be PRESENT at all times during the lesson and must understand the potential risks of having their children around dogs with behavioral issues.

What is the cancellation policy?

We respect your time and will make every effort to be on schedule for a lesson. We respectfully ask the same from you. Cancellations must be at least 48 hours in advance in order to receive a store credit on your account. Cancellations within 48 hours may not receive store credit for the lesson. If you’re running late, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can accommodate you. 

What equipment will I need for my lesson?

We recommend every owner have a leash, collar, and some kind of reward (treats or toy). Everything else will be on a case-by-case basis and we will make referrals as we see fit.


What can we cover in a private lesson?

We are able to cover foundational obedience and specific behaviors in private lessons! We will assess your goals and determine the best path to reach them. Of course, we want to be realistic in training, but if you work with us we will do everything in our power to reach your goals.

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