Behavior Camp

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What Is Included?

Night Minimum Stay at our state-of-the-art training facility

Training Sessions Per Day With An Experienced Trainer

Pet Parenting Group Classes

DemonStration Lessons To See your dog's progress

Opportunities To Improve

Transitional Private Lessons to teach YOU how to train

why choose us?

Top of The Line

Behavior Camp fast tracks any training you desire. Everthing from Advanced Obedience, to correcting bad behavior, to potty training. The Behavior Camp Package features multiple training sessions every day, socialization work, and programs customized to your dog’s needs to reach the goals you’ve set.

Extensive Follow-Up

The Behavior Camp package includes 8 follow-up Pet Parenting Classes to ensure the success of you and your dog’s training. These are a wealth of knowledge and a great opportunity to practice the training with your dog. They play a crucial factor on the future success of the training, and the success once home with your dog.

Target Audience

If you are enrolling your dog into Behavior Camp because of behavior issues, it is very important for the success of your dog’s training to disclose all problems you are having. We understand that you might be worried we would turn your dog away for any reason you disclose, but the truth is we won’t ever deny a dog help if you’re open and honest with us.


Behavior Camp’s strategy is built on the foundation of repitition and consistency. While staying with us, we will build a good foundation with your dog, using positive motivation to correct the problems that have developed. However, once your pup goes home with you it is critical that you maintain that foundation at home and listen to your trainer at every step.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

See what a few of our students have to say after going through Behavior Camp

Brought our 4 Year Old German Shepard Annie for a three week camp and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our dog is obviously so much happier now after being trained and since the training camp so much better behaved.

Dean H.

With just two weeks of training Partners turned our Rottweiler / Pit mix into a very manageable well behaved family pet that is an absolute joy to be around. Besides the very good results we achieved with our dog, the staff and personal attention to our needs where outstanding.

Marshall M.

The level of professionalism paired with individual understanding makes for an unmatched training experience. Each dog and owner comes to them with individual issues. The trainers and staff at Partners Dog Training work with you and the dog to bring out stellar results!

Shawna H.

My fur-buddy Ubu, a year-old 65lb lab mix that rescued me while I was visiting the pound one day…took a spa trip to Partners for Behavior Camp…3 weeks later I got a new dog back. It must be a new dog because this one understands sit, down, heel, stay, and come…now, my former pound-puppy looks forward to a long, happy life.

Bob W.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of problems will Behavior Camp address

Behavior Camp is our elite training program for our top dogs.

It is also the program that addresses more serious behavioral issues, such as the following:

  • Lunging at or excessive jumping up on people
  • Resists or fights the leash
  • Territorial behavior towards dogs of people
  • Prey drive directed towards people
  • Prey drive directed towards animals or other dogs
  • Mouthing where the skin is broken
  • Serious uncontrolled barking issues
  • Serious separation anxiety
  • Insecurity or extreme shyness
  • Housebreaking issues (subject to evaluation)
  • Possessive behavior
  • Resource guarding
  • Destructive behavior

(guideline only – subject to evaluation)

Are there any age restrictions?

There is a minimum age restriction of about six months which allows time to get all of their vaccinations done. However, there is no maximum age restriction because, despite the saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

How long does training take?

Generally speaking we suggest three to four weeks. However, it depends on what issues you are having, how old your dog is and how long the problems have been present. There is no way we can give a definitive answer without seeing your dog first, as most cases involve a well established pattern of behavior. While you can teach an old dog new tricks, it takes a little longer and requires a recognition of motivation and reward.

We can also start training for a week or so and evaluate where to go from there.

How much actual training is done every day?

Behavior Camp includes:

  • Three 20-30 minute obedience training sessions per day
  • Two crate training sessions per day
  • Two outside play times for exercise per day
  • Agility or Swim Training (as needed or agreed upon)
Are there any breed restrictions?

We train ALL BREEDS and MIXES. We will also work with Wolf Hybrids under certain situations.

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