World Class Socialization

What better way to schedule play dates with your dog’s best friend than to bring them to Partners! We take great care in making sure each dog is matched in a group where they are safe and can have a great time!

Still Training

Of course, we are still a training school first. Which is why our Doggy Daycare is one of the only ones to offer state of the art training in every visit! Not only will your dog have a blast, but they will learn a lot as well!

Request Training

We can help you achieve any goals you have for your pup. Whether you want to work on obedience, or work off some energy on the agility course. You can request whatever training will provide the best experience for you and your pup.

Pre-Qualified Dogs To Play With Each Day

Dogs Per Trainer to ensure constant attention

Hours Of High Activity Play/Training Per Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do they have to be?

We require dogs to be a minimum 20 weeks old before they can come to Partners. This is purely for health and safety precautions to your pup and our other guests here. Click here for more details on our check in procedures

Are there any requirements?
  • Your pup must be up-to-date on all their vaccines.
  • They can not have any dog or people aggression to be in our group dog daycare.
How long do they play for?

Dog daycare guests will be out and about for at least a couple hours a day.

Unfortunately, due to some limitation on space, we can not offer full time play just yet, but we are working on that!

In addition, as the weather starts to warm up, we will have to restrict our outside play to a minimum to protect your pups.

What will they do all day?

Dog Daycare is all about having fun, interacting, and socialization with other dogs and people in an exciting yet controlled enviroment.

Your pup will run around, and play with all their friends, but still under the supervision of our expert trainers.

We are one of the only dog schools in Arizona that uses professional trainers to watch your dog in play. This keeps everyone safe in a positive way!

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