Life gets a bit crazy over the festive season, but it’s very important that we never forget about our furry friends, because it’s probably this time of the year that they get neglected the most.

Here are a few creative and fun ways to share the Christmas cheer with your pup so they never feel left out.

1. Make Homemade Holiday Doggie Treats

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Find a dog recipe which is quick and easy and you can make all year round. That way all you need to do is change the shapes of the dog treats to suite the theme of the season or event. Check out more fun and easy homemade recipes here.

2. Go For winter walks

5 Ways to Spend Holidays with Your Pup

(photo cred: Photo by Beth Ireland on Unsplash)

Even though it may not be very nippy outside, a fun trip would be to go up north for the weekend to let them play in the snow. It will be good for them and even better for you if they expend some of that pent up energy.

3. Play Hide and seeks with your dog

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(photo cred: Bend Pet Express)

Create a bit of indoor fun with your pups. You’ve made some homemade treats, use them to play an easy game of hide and seek which will encourage your pup to use his communication and memory skills. The game will work as follows:


  • Communication – hide the treats while your dog is not in the room and then invite him to the room and make suggestions by pointing where the treats might be.

  • Memory – Let your dog watch you hide the treats then remove him from the room for a bit. Invite him back into the room and watch to see if he remembers where the treats are.

3. puzzle games with your dog


(Photo cred: Pitlandia)

If you’re hosting guests this season you’re likely to be very busy. Keep your canines occupied with puzzle games. For example, place treats in muffin tins and cover them with a small plastic bowl and let them figure out how to get the treats out.

4. Relax with your dog

  1. (Photo cred: Photo by Yingchou Han on Unsplash)

    Simply relaxing with your dog while resting your weary legs is also great bonding time. Giving them some TLC has just as many benefits as taking a long walk. 20 minutes of stroking and gentle petting will decrease their heart rate and blood pressure and increase output of the hormone oxytocin (related to attachment and love), not only in the human, but also in the dog.

    For more ideas on keeping your dog entertained over the festive season or creating an individualized training program, contact Partners Dog Training today!

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