Week 21: Why do dogs hate men?

Week 20: Why do dogs growl at kids?

Week 19: How to teach your dog tricks

Week 18: Does your dog chew your life up?

Week 17: is your dog afraid of fireworks/thunder?

Week 16: Why your dog SHOULDn’t Sleep in your bed

Week 15: Dealing with Recent Dog Attacks and how to prevent them

Week 14: Delta Airlines Incident and the dangers of badly behaved service/emotional support dogs

Week 13: Dealing with the dangers of resource guarding

Week 12: How to stop your dog from lunging

Week 11: What questions would your dog ask you? (Skip to 1:30 in)

Week 10: Working with rescues and shelter dogs

Week 9: Teaching your dog to come when called

Week 8: How to potty train your dog…

Week 7: Discussing how to fix the common problems people have with LITTLE DOGS…

Week 6: Leash training, e-collars, dealing with anxious dogs, and more…

Week 5: Teaching your dog to potty in a specific area, stealing food off counter, prey drive, and more…

Week 4: Teaching a puppy to potty, muzzlesblank, socializing your dog to the world around us, and more…

Week 3: Talking about front door training, rescues, Snakeproofing, and more…

Week 2: Pottying in public, territorial issues, teaching old dogs new tricks, and more…

Week 1: Burying, King of the Door, Eating Poop, and more….

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