Boarding where your dog won’t be bored!



The health of your dog is our highest priority. That is why we require and verify the vaccinations of every dog that comes in for boarding. If a dog becomes ill, they are seen by a vet and isolated to reduce contamination.


We clean and sanitize the entire facility EVERY DAY. We use a commercial orbital scrubber cleaner that uses nanoparticles to disinfect bacteria, while remaining safe for dogs boarding with us.

Careful monitoring

We have staff in the kennels seven days a week. Additionally, we have high-tech climate control and security systems that monitor operations to ensure your dog’s boarding experience is of the highest quality.

Add Training

The best part about boarding at Partners Dog Training is our specialized training and doggy daycare programs. You can add training, or “all day play” so that your dog is never bored while staying with us.

Our staff

Unlike other boarding facilities who hire inexperienced staff to cut costs, we take pride in our highly-experienced trainers. CPR certified, and trained to deal with any emergencies. Your pups paws are in great hands.

Our Home is Your Home

At Partners, we are more than a team, we’re family. When you take that first step on your journey to a happier dog, we walk that path with you…as PARTNERS.

Is your pup ready for the vacation of their life?!

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Answers to Your Questions

Where does my dog sleep?

We have a climate controlled, secure living quarters. Your pup also has their own Kuranda Cot to drift into sleep at the end of a long day of training and play. 

breed/age restrictions?

There is a minimum age requirement of 20 weeks which allows time to develop immune systems. There is no maximum age and we accommodate all dogs, sizes, breeds and temperaments!

How many staff members?

We have a team of over twenty full-time staff at each location trained in dog behavior. From the customer service member you meet at check-in, to the techs cleaning kennels; we are here to improve your experience!


YES! While you’re with your human family we have a full staff with your fur-family making sure they get the attention they deserve, have a ton of fun, and even tune up some obedience!

My dog has behavioral issues

No problem! We are highly experienced in addressing all types of problems and temperaments. No matter the issue, we can provide the help you need. However, we would recommend one of our “board and train” camp programs. Chat with us about your options!

Are there staff overnight?

At our Creek Location, we have managers living on the property, and our high-tech security and monitoring systems allow us to monitor operations 24/7. At our Scottsdale Location we do have overnight staff.

How much exercise will my dog receive?

Depending on the time of year and weather, dogs are able to exercise in our outside runs all day. We also have daycare and training options for dogs boarding. That’s over 8 hours of play!

My dog has a special diet.

No problem at all! We generally feed Fromm Natural, twice a day. However, we can accommodate most dietary and medication needs your dog might have. Chat with us if you have a special need. (Potential additional cost)

What add-ons are there?

You can add a training option to address any problems; or to tune up their obedience! You can also add “All Day Play” where your dog can join the Daycare playgroups during the day in order to socialize and play.

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World Class Programs

20 years in training. Just for you.

Some programs we offer in Boarding:

  • Obedience Training
  • Doggy Daycare (All Day Play)
  • Rattlesnake Avoidance Training
  • Swimming

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