What causes housebreaking issues in dogs?

  1. Most problems arise from incorrect raising by breeders
  2. Some dogs learn poor housebreaking rules as puppies
  3. Some dogs have medical issues that create an inappropriate pattern
  4. Manage your dogs energy
  5. Persistence and commitment are key
  6. Routine
What causes housebreaking issues in dogs?

How do I know the difference between Marking and Peeing?

Firstly, duration. Longer is peeing, shorter is marking. But sometimes dogs will pee to mark an area, and just keep rolling.

What triggers marking?

  1. Your dog was away for a few days
  2. Strange dogs coming into your home
  3. Change of family setting
  4. Emotional issues within the home

How can we correct marking?

  1. Prevent the dog from being in that area.
  2. Don’t allow strange dogs into your home
  3. Watch for signs of a dog who’s about to mark
  4. Buy Nature’s Miracle Urine Cleaner after your dog marks


  1. When addressing housebreaking, always consider possibility of medical issues
  2. Use crate training to establish a routine
  3. With puppies that may be every few hours until they can hold it
  4. Sniffing, walking and peeing are all cues
  5. Five minutes after eating, to half an hour, they need to potty
  6. Use your clock

How often should I crate my dog?

  1. Crating depends on your schedule and your purpose.
  2. For puppies, crating provides a home and a den
  3. For older dogs, it provides a sense of structure
  4. Puppies 2-3 hours at a time
  5. Youngsters 2 to 6 hours
  6. Mature dogs up to 12 hours, although we recommend not more than 10

I have had a housebreaking problem for years. How do I address that.

  1. Purchase a crate and timer
  2. Have an area where they can relieve themselves
  3. Force your dog into a schedule
  4. Establish routines and timing
  5. Give it time.

My dog pees submissively…

  1. Submissive urination or defecation is generally caused by anxiety or excitement.
  2. We need to look at other factors to determine what to do
  3. Sometimes simply ignoring the dog when we return home will help
dog pees

I live in an apartment, how do I potty train?

  1. Consider Potty Pad Training your dog
  2. Have a small patio, or area where they can go
  3. Use X-pens to restrict your dogs movement
  4. Once you start potty-pads, avoid letting them potty outside
Potty Pad Training your dog

My dog pooped in the house, so I jambed his face in it…

  1. Firstly, potty training is best done in a positive manner
  2. Your dog generally does not understand you yelling and screaming at them
  3. I call that Psycho Dad
  4. Reward potty with a marker, treat or toy
dog pooped


Week 8 LIVE Show that goes into more depth…

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