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Partners Dog Training is the best in the valley in every aspect of your dog. We are the first place you should start after getting a new puppy. It is so exciting to add a new member to the family and we would love to be on this journey with you. Look through some of the programs below and find the best fit for you!

Board & Train for Puppies

What best matches your goals?


I want...

  • to set my puppy up for success
  • to accelerate obedience and manners
  • stop pulling/jumping/barking/running away
  • the best training for my pup

I want...

  •  to housebreak my puppy
  • stop my puppy from chewing
  • stop my puppy from resource guarding
  • stop behavioral issues

Puppy training classes and more


Puppy & Me Group Class 

A must-have for new Puppies and Pet Parents!

Featuring heavy socialization and engagement training with an introduction to basic obedience behaviors. We also cover proper play and greetings, in addition to desensitization to the world around (bikes, fans, tunnels, jumps, etc.) Lastly, we will cover crate training, confidence building, and even a trick or two!

“Gus is a graduate of the Puppy and Me program which was a great start to his training. Introducing him to other dogs and people has been very good for him!” –Jo L.

Young puppy training options

We understand your struggle. You just got a new puppy and it’s already running your life! Unfortunately, puppies have to be at least 20 weeks and up-to-date on all their vaccinations before they can come to the school. 

But don’t worry! We can still help you…

We offer In-Home Private Lessons to ONLY our youngest pawesome students in order to provide the foundation you need to succeed without having to wait!


Partners Snake Avoidance

Of course, you want to keep your puppy safe in the desert, and what better way to keep them safe then with Partners Snake Avoidance.

This program will teach your puppy to avoid the scent and sound of a Rattlesnake. Although it’s not perfect, it’s the best that is out there and has saved thousands of lives!

We recommend pups to be at least 5 months old in order to be mature enough, and keep training effective! After, we typically recommend puppies come back in another 6 months for a Refresher.


Partners Doggy Daycare is a wonderful way to train and socialize your new puppy. Ask any trainer and they will tell you, one of the potential causes to an insecure or reactive adult dog is a lack of socialization, training, and foundation early on in the puppy’s life. Partners Doggy Daycare is your one stop shop to all of that!

“If you’re looking for trust in training, Partners is for you and your fur-baby. They are passionate about your dog’s well-being, training your pup and training the owners. The key component to success is that the owner continues to train with their pup every day.”– Sandy G.


Boarding for puppies

If you’re looking for a place with highly-experienced staff that will treat your puppy like their own when you’re out of town, you’ve come to the right spot. You can even add-on training or daycare to their stay so that your pup won’t be BORED while BOARDING!

“Having previously trained at Partners with my other dogs. They were the only place I thought of when we got our two new puppies!” -Wilbur J. 

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