Pulling Can Be Frustrating

Pulling Can Be Embarrassing

Pulling Can Be Stopped

  • Do You Want Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash?
  • Do You Want Your Dog To Walk Nicely, And Stay Engaged At Your Side?
  • Do You Want To Achieve A Loose-Leash-Walk, Even Around Distractions?



Not sure what program is best?
We can help!

Card: How we can help

How we can help

When we are dealing with behavioral or potentially reactive issues we like to see your pup first hand to understand what’s occurring.

In order to do that, we start with a Lesson/Assessment.

This allows us to:

  • Meet you and your pup
  • See the behaviors you’re wanting to work on first hand
  • Introduce you to the school, trainers, and our methods
  • Decide the best path forward (usually from one of the programs below)

Step 1

Assessment + Check-in

  • At the beginning of Training Camp, we do an introductory lesson.
  • This gives you an opportunity to meet us and see how we train.
  • This also gives us an opportunity to meet you and your pup in order to see if we are the best fit for you.
  • During this stage, we obtain all vaccination records as well as further details into your dog’s background.
  • Lastly, we assess your goals in order to keep training consistent and effective across the board.

Step 2

Training + Demos

  • Next, your dog will start their training.
  • In Training Camp, your pup will have an hour of training each day with a pro trainer.
  • In between training sessions, your dog will be crated on the Training Floor. This practices a behavior called “modeling” which is when the training happening around them actually rubs off on the dog watching.
  • Or your dog can go into All Day Play, where they can socialize, play, and practice proper manners whenever they aren’t being trained.
  • During the training period, we would like to see you once a week for a 30 min-1hr. demonstration session. During this time, your trainer will go over what has been happening, what we have had success with, and where we are having difficulties.

Step 3


  • The last step is to transition the training we have instilled over to you.
  • This is probably the most critical step as it involves teaching you to maintain the behaviors we have established at the school.
  • Over a private lesson and 4 Pet Parenting Group Classes, we will guide you through the process of managing your dog through all types of scenarios.
  • As we say, 90% of our job is training you. We can get your dog to sing the ABCs, but none of that matters if the training doesn’t transfer over to you.
  • During this stage, we require consistency and dedication on your part to ensure your dog doesn’t revert back to old, bad behaviors.


1 Hour Assestment $109

You will still get some great advice on how to address the issue.

Additionally, we use these assessments to nail down the length of time and pricing for whichever program your pup goes into.

If you decide to leave your pup for the prescribed camp the same day, we contribute the $109 into the cost of camp, essentially making the assessment free.

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Get Started

Schedule a call with us now. We will go over some paperwork, confirm vaccinations, take a deposit for the lesson, and schedule the best time for you!

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Programs that may help you

Program: Behavior Camp

Behavior Camp

  • 21-Night Program
  • 1.5 Hours/day of Training
  • 5 hours of Private Lessons
  • 8 weeks of Pet Parenting Group Classes
  • Extremely consistent structure essential to achieve progress with your pup

Private Lessons

  • Approx. 60 minutes of training
  • Highly experienced Instructor
  • Work through problems to achieve goals
  • Work in a distraction-filled environment with instructor guidance
  • Consistent, but relies on your home-training
Program: Private Lessons


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the program prices?

Please email PDTU@PartnersDogs.com for more details and pricing.

Can I bring my own dog?
While dog’s are not allowed in our housing, we will board up to 1 personal dog at the school during your schooling process. We accept all dogs that are up to date on vaccinations, regardless of behavioral issues.
Is housing included?

Yes! All housing, school travel, and 1 meal/day are included in our programs. We believe it is a vital part of your training process to collaborate and be immersed into a constant learning environment.

Do we have to clean kennels?
No. While we will educate you on our cleaning and sanitization protocols for your education, we have a full custodian team that cleans our facility on a daily basis.
Is there financing available?

We accept financing through Sallie Mae which you can learn more and apply here.

Applying is incredibly simple
Interest rates are easy to configure and flexible
Pay in school for as little as $25/month
Loan covers ALL expenses

How do I get started?
You can apply for any one of our programs through one of our application forms. Then we will reach out and discuss next steps.