Partners snake avoidance

why should you train your dog to avoid rattlesnakes?

Save money

Training a dog to avoid Rattlesnakes costs less than $100. However, if your dog is bit, medical bills can be upwards of $3,000. 

Save trauma

Rattlesnake bites are extremely painful and could lead to death even AFTER treatment. A few minutes of training could avoid all of that. 

Save yourself

Time and time again, we have had clients say if their dog didn’t alert them to a Rattlesnake nearby, they would have stepped on it themselves.

want your dog to avoid rattlesnakes?!

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why partners snake avoidance?

What is partners snake avoidance?

At Partners Snake Avoidance, we train a negative association to the scent and sound of a rattlesnake using a small “nick” on an e-collar. That subsequently trains your dog to run away whenever he/she recognizes the scent or sound of a rattlesnake.

“After training, our first occasionally ran into snakes on trails, and would not approach them at all. She often let us know there was a snake up ahead, before we knew it ourselves. It’s a must for dog owners who love their fur babies!”- Karen B.

Our experience

  • We are one of the first dog schools to ever do Rattlesnake Avoidance Training.
  • Since the beginning, we have trained over 16,000 dogs to avoid rattlesnakes.
  • We pass that experience onto you and ensure that every dog is trained to the best of our ability.

“We have 2 dogs who were trained by Partners for Snake Avoidance. It was done quickly and with no discomfort to our pups.” -Paul K.

Raising the standards

There are a lot of variables that come into play with Rattlesnake Avoidance Training. Far too many to list. Therefore, we require our Lead Rattlesnake Avoidance Instructors to undergo a minimum of two years of training in order to properly read and adapt to all of the situations that can occur.

“We’ve gone to Partners for 6 years for our annual snake proofing and they never fail to excel! The trainers are very nice and conscious of your dog’s quirks/issues, and ensure they pass the test. If they don’t pass, they get a redo in a week or so.” -Julie S. 

Only the best for your dog

We have your dog’s life in our hands, and we take that very seriously. That is why only the best of the best trainers are hand-picked to be a part of our Partners Snake Avoidance. These high standards are set to achieve the best results with your dog.

“Everyone we worked with was very professional, and you can tell they truly care about the well-being and safety of your dog. Within one, 20 minute training session, Sandy wouldn’t go near or look at the snakes (all in cages), even when I went over by the cage and called her name.” -Kimberly H.

want your dog to avoid rattlesnakes?!

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The horrors of a snake bite

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Why refreshers are critical

Partners Snake avoidance PRICING

Partners Snake avoidance

frequently asked Questions

Do you use e-collars?

Yes, we have found that it is the best way to get a negative association with the sent and sound of the rattlesnake. However, we ALWAYS start at the lowest level and use the minimum amount of energy necessary to get the desired result.

Does it hurt?

The electric stim from the “e-collar” does not harm the dog in any way. Quite frankly, pain is a very poor way to train behavior as it tends to shut dogs down.  We welcome our clients to test the “e-collar” on themselves, and we even test it on ourselves before every session.

Can I watch training?

Yes! As long as it doesn’t distract them (or us) from the training. Obviously, your dog’s success is our primary goal, so that is what we will always put first. We do reserve the right to stop training at any time in the interest of your dog’s safety.

why don't you use my leash?

We use our own equipment in order to ensure that your dog doesn’t associate your leash and collar to the training. We want the training to be between the dog and the snake. Not anything else. Additionally, our equipment is designed to ensure your dog can’t escape which is possible with certain harnesses.

Are the snakes real?

Yes. Our rattlesnakes are live and intact, meaning we do not defang or milk them. We want to maintain the most natural scenario possible, and of course, we don’t want to harm or cause any undue stress on the snakes. However, our snakes are in double mesh wire cages so there is NO way they can get to your dog.

Do we do the training?

No. We will have our handlers run your dog through the course. This makes certain that the dog is focused on the training and not worrying about mom or dad. You could also potentially alert your dog to something without even realizing it. Your dog will react to this energy and training will be affected.

Will it work for all snakes?

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training will only work for live Rattlesnakes. The training is not guaranteed for other types of snakes or dead Rattlesnakes as they have a different association and won’t register for the dog.

How long does it take?

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training takes about 6-8 minutes. However, you should allow about 15-20 minutes in total to do the check-in, desensitization of equipment, training, and debrief. 

How many times do we need to train?

We recommend refreshers every 6 months to 1 year. After your dog’s training session, the handlers will let you know what they recommend for your dog.

Can the snakes bite my dog?

Nope! The snakes are in a double wire mesh cage with about 3-4 inches between the inner cage and the outer cage. There is absolutely no way a snake could every bite your dog during training.

how old does my dog have to be?

Your dog should be at least 5 ½ months old for Rattlesnake Avoidance Training. We have found that dogs younger than that are generally not mature enough for training to be effective.

Should my dog get the rattlesnake vaccine?

Yes. The benefit to getting the Rattlesnake vaccine is it buys you more time to get to the vet if your dog is bitten. Always consult your veterinarian for eligibility.

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