The first thing to remember about training your dog to walk on a leash, is that it is not the tool that makes the carpenter.
There are tons of leashes out there, and a favorite trick of the retailers is to sell you some fancy new trick.
And be prepared to experiment with different collars or harnesses.



Leash training is dependent on THREE things:

  1. Your Foundation

  2. Attentiveness

  3. Willingness to please


Start slow, when building a foundation.

Build it up step by step.

Start with a simple drag of the leash

Then just hold the end and walk it off with your dog

Lure them to you with a treat

Reward, or pay them, when they come


Don’t make it about the leash, make it about you.

If your dog is fighting the leash, then build foundation in a quiet setting Gradually increase the amount of exposure to other things If you build your dogs energy by working them up, you will pay a price

 Start slow, calm and relaxed.

Hook the leash on your dog and let them drag it around Always supervise a dog dragging a leash

If you have a reactive dog, consider using a basket muzzle.
This will build your confidence knowing they cannot hurt someone, and it will reduce the stress of the situation

Be patient with dogs that are more of a challenge

Literally, walk before you run

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