• You must brush your dog’s teeth frequently.
  • Clean teeth can also refresh the health, happiness, and longe life, the canine friend. Plank and tartar don’t only cause bad breath.
  • Moreover, a lack of brushing could lead to a loss of teeth.
  • Most dental hygiene problems can also lead to life-threatening and harmful infections.
  • These infections can harm the kidneys, heart, and liver.
  • One quick tip is to try brushing your dog’s teeth once they’re tired from playday or a long walk

1. Find the right dog Toothbrush

  • Choosing the best toothbrush for you isn’t quite as easy as finding the perfect canine toothbrush.
  • Dog toothbrushes are similar to human toothbrushes, but for dogs, the bristles are smaller and much softer.
  • If your dog isn’t ready for a regular toothbrush, you can even try dental wipes or your finger as a toothbrush.
  • This process makes cleaning that hard-to-reach around all the easier.
  • Pet owners that don’t take care of their dog’s dental hygiene may see their canines encounter more severe health problems than tooth loss or decay.

2. Find Dog-Friendly Toothpaste

  • If bacteria from tooth or gum disease goes untreated, it can enter your dog’s bloodstream, causing severe kidney, liver, and heart issues.
  • So, you can’t just brush their teeth — you must also use toothpaste!
  • You should choose toothpaste for your dog that provides tartar control.
  • There are special dog toothpastes that are safe for them if ingested.

3. use a dental spray

  • However, they are also great to freshen breath.
  • Remember to stop using the spray immediately if your pet shows any signs of un-comfort.

By continuously brushing your dog’s teeth, you improve not only their quality of life but also yours! If your dog honestly doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, feel free to consult a professional trainer like Partners Dog Training for help.

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