5 Tips to Take Better Photos of Your Pet


From kids to grandmas, everyone loves taking pictures of their animals. However, no matter how adorable your fur ball is, no one likes sitting through 800 blurry pictures of your cats left ear. Therefore, in order to help you (and your captured audience) out, here are a few tips to pet photography.


  1. Get Low


Everyone knows what a dog looks like from above, it’s time to add a different perspective to catch your viewers eye. Getting low to the ground or at least at your animal’s eye level is an easy way to really make a picture pop. This also adds a new dimension to the image and lets you see your subject in a new light.


  1. Have an Assistant


Taking quality pictures of an animal is no easy feat. Just getting them to sit still is hard enough, never mind getting them to look at you for the perfect portrait. This is where your assistant comes in. Let them deal with the positioning and give yourself a chance to focus on your framing! If all else fails and you don’t have someone around to help you out, let your pet settle down and start playing with something and then calling them or whistling well let you surprise them for the perfect shot.


  1. Be Candid


Without letting them know you’re there, try following your pet throughout their day. You’ll catch the goofiest moments of them chasing a fly, or a nice candid looking out the window. It also might give some insight of what they’re doing when they think you aren’t watching.


  1. Motion: The Double-Edged Sword.


I love looking at a dog laying down, chewing on a bone as much as the next guy, but nothing quite beats a shot of your cat jumping onto a table, or your puppy running through the sprinklers with your kids. It’s exciting, lively, and different which all adds up to a great photo. Just remember to have enough light or you’ll end up with a blurry picture.


  1. Be spontaneous


The great thing about camera phones now days is they take really beautiful images anywhere you go! Take advantage of that opportunity and always be on the lookout for a cool picture of your pet. Whether you are on a walk through the flowers, or looking at a sunset on a hike, animals always have the best expressions, share them with the world.