Dog Boarding Pick Up & Drop Off: The Partners Dogs Schoolbus

Round-trip transport within 15-20 minutes of Partners Dog Training for just $20


The world-famous, first of its kind, Partners Dog Training School Bus is a symbol of grandeur, merriment, and comfort. The Dog School Bus has always been a symbol of Partners Dog Training, and now we are taking that icon on the road to pick up your pups! Save time while giving your pup a luxurious experience in our state-of-the-art Dog School Bus.

Dual AC systems

From the moment the Dog School Bus was being planned, we knew we needed it to be ICE COLD inside. We have multiple, high-end air conditioning units that are all monitored with our Samsara system to maintain incredibly comfortable travel conditions for your pets. Honestly, you may even want to take a ride yourself to get out of the heat for a bit!

Dual AC Systems
GPS tracking

GPS tracking

Whether you’re waiting for the Dog School Bus to pick your pup up or drop your pooch off at the end of the day, or you simply want to track where your dog is at any time, we provide a way to get secure and live access to the Dog School Bus’ GPS Tracking. You’ll receive a link when we are on our way, and you can follow that route the whole way until your pup is safe on one end or the other!

Dog pods

With Partners Dog School Bus, pups ride in comfort in state-of-the-art custom Dog Pods. These custom manufactured BY US , for our guests. They feature outward-facing windows, and inward-facing viewing domes, sanitation-easy materials, and enough room for dogs to be comfortable in while staying safe and secure throughout their trip.

Dog Pods
Doggy bus ramp

Doggy bus ramp

Every part of the Dog School Bus was carefully planned and designed around man’s best friend. From the surface on the bottom of the crates to the automated ramp that extends off the bus so that your dog has an easy and quick walk up inside. No jumping, no steps, just a slight glide up into splendor.

Soothing music

What better way for your dog to catch a quick “cat nap” while on his way to school then a mix of classical and calming music played throughout the bus. Combine that with the soft lighting inside the bus and you have a recipe for luxury! This keeps dogs calm and quiet, which limits stress and creates a positive, uplifiing experience for all!

Soothing music
Bus monitoring

Bus monitoring

We incorporate a front and back-facing camera for internal monitoring, we also monitor all operational features like engine quality, fuel, AC, etc. to catch any necessary maintenance in advance. We also monitor driver speed and driving quality. The bus is also sanitized often to limit cross contamination and to keep our guests healthy!



Partners Doggy Daycare is one of the most energetic, managed, and attention-focused Doggy Daycares in the state. With a 10-1 Dog to Trainer ratio, small intimate playgroups, appropriate play opportunities, and confidence-building exercises, we have devoted every inch of our 13,000 sq. ft. daycare facility to providing your dog with success!


Partners Boarding Facility features large kennels and luxury suites inside a soundproof, climate-controlled kennel that we heavily sanitize on a daily basis. We have tons of activities for your dog’s home away from home. Whether you want to work on obedience training, get some sun by the pool, or play with furry friends in our incredible daycare, your dog will be in great hands!

Round trip transport for $20 within 15-20 minutes of Partners

Partners is located at 4640 E Forest Pleasant Pl, Cave Creek, AZ. We are just off the corner of Lone Mountain and Cave Creek Rd. We are currently transporting to and from homes within a 15-20 minute drive of our location, however we are also looking at adding a few central locations to help those that live a little out of range that still want to utilize the BEST DAYCARE and BUS Service in the valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you travel?

Currently, we are transporting dogs to and from homes within a 15-minute drive of our location in Cave Creek. However, we are looking into adding a few central locations for those out of range that still want to utilize the BEST Daycare and Bus service in the country.

How much does it cost?

Partners only offers Round Trip Transport for our daycare guests. A full round trip is $20/day as long as you are within a 15 minute drive of our school.

My dog doesn't like cars

We build the Dog School Bus with cautious dogs in mind. It’s incredibly secure with as many features as possible to give every dog a smooth and positive experience.

Can I track my dog's route?

Yes! Before each ride, we send a secure, one-time link for GPS tracking on the bus for your monitoring.

Can I do 1-way trips?

Unfortunately, we are currently only offering Round Trip Transport for our guests due to logistic limitations.

What our guests are saying

Let your pup ride with us!

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