They Get to See you “Stuff” yourself with Turkey

Our pets just love seeing us eat. It’s a build up to begging, so why not. And no, we should not be encouraging them to beg. But this is Thanksgiving after all, and while they may not have studied civics in school, and understand the importance of WHY we celebrate this day, they still get to see you enjoy it.

They Get to Eat…well some “Stuff”

So if you are going to sneak your dog a treat, or better still, feed them their own Thanksgiving Dinner, like we do here for all our canine guests at Partners, at least know what you can, and cannot, feed your dog.  Turkey, depending on how its prepared, may be ok. (Remove the skin and stick to white meat.) Chicken is better, pumpkin is great and of course, macaroni and cheese is awesome. Do not give your pets grapes, chocolate or alcohol. Yes, we had to add that, as someone asked the question last year. Seriously!

They Get To Spend Time with the Family

Of course, spending time with your family is the best part of Thanksgiving. Our furry friends love seeing new family members, seeing you and your kids enjoying time together, chatting, eating and relaxing. Some families take this time to play ball, which is every dogs dream game. Remember when including your pet in festivities, make sure they are comfortable with that. If you have a dog that stresses out, or doesn’t like people, crate them in a quiet area, or consider boarding them with us. This will allow you to enjoy your family time, and not stress over your pets.

They Get to Experience the Love

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Finally, remember that loving your pet is one of the greatest gifts. While we are celebrating this wonderful day, our pets are celebrating being with you. Experiencing your love is the greatest gift you can give them. Cuddle with them, do a little training, take them for a hike.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just spending time is enough.

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